Don’t get Old or Sick under Obamacare!


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While listening to Rush last Thursday, he played a piece from the ABC Obamacare Infomercial from the previous evening.  In this piece a lady named Jane Sturm asked about the possibility of her 95 year old mom getting a pacemaker.  Obama’s response was, to say the least, enlightening.

There was a part that was not included in this clip, where Obama says basically that “spirit of life is a very subjective thing, and we will not be able to make decisions based on the subjective”!  Indeed?!

You know, while I am not elderly, I have a pack of health issues that I am dealing with.  Does this mean that I will not be able to get health care?  I was just diagnosed as narcoleptic (yes, this is not a fun thing to deal with!).  I had to undergo 3 separate sleep studies and also a day long series of “nap tests” in order to be diagnosed.  Do you think I would have been able to obtain this testing under Obamacare?  My beloved mother in law, who is 82 years old had her hip replaced last June.  Her recovery was absolutely remarkable, and I swear she gets along better than I do!  Do you think she would have been able to get that hip replacement under Obamacare?  I don’t.  I think he would have given her a pill.

Obama and his cronies deny (of course they do) that health care would be rationed.  All you have to do is look at England or Canada to see what a nationalized health care system actually does.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal last week:

What Mr. Obama is describing is his preferred health-care future. If or when the Administration’s speculative cost-cutting measures under universal health care fail to produce savings, government will start explicitly limiting patient access to treatments and services regarded as too expensive. Democrats deny this eventuality, but health planners will have no choice, given that the current entitlement system is already barreling toward insolvency without adding millions of new people to the federal balance sheet.

Also, according to another WSJ article last week by Scott Gottlieb,who is a physician and resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and is also a former senior official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

President Obama objects when people use the word “rationing” in regards to government-run health care. But rationing is inevitable if we simply expand government control without fixing the way health care is reimbursed so that doctors and patients become sensitive to issues of price and quality.

Like Medicare’s recent decisions to curtail the use of virtual colonoscopies, certain wound-healing devices, and even a branded asthma drug, the board’s decisions will be one-size-fits-all restrictions. Such restrictions don’t respect variation in preferences and disease, which make costly products suitable for some even if they are wasteful when prescribed to everyone.

Moreover, these health boards prove that policy makers know they’ll need to ration care but want to absolve themselves of responsibility. Some in Congress and the Obama administration recently tipped their hand on this goal by proposing to make recommendations of the current Medicare Payment Advisory Committee (MedPAC) legally binding rather than mere advice to Congress. Any new health board’s mission will also expand over time, just as MedPAC’s mandate grew to encompass medical practice issues not envisioned when it was created.

The one thing that is especially interesting?  Members of Congress and the unions will be exempt from this new health care plan.  That is definitely something to think about.  Would you trust a program written by people who do not trust it for themselves or their families?  I think not. 

So, again, I implore you.  FAX and fax and fax again your representatives.  Let them know you will actively campaign against them if they pass this poisonous bill. 

Remember this:  Most things that Obama has passed can be ultimately fixed when the dems lose their power base.  If this healthcare plan goes through, it will NEVER go away.  And we, the formerly free Americans will be well and truly screwed.

Government Health Plans Always Ration Care:

Obama’s Health Future:


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