R.I.P. America, We’ll Miss You

America is now hurtling towards its new status a third world nation.  Its citizens, once the great innovators of the world, are being reduced to slave chattel by the ruling class.  The very men and women We The People had elected to represent their best interests had sold them into a bondage they’d never be free of; a mountain of debt they keep deliberately increasing with each socialist program that is being ramrodded through Congress.  The part that stings the most is the knowledge that the last opportunity to avoid this reality is being squandered by bickering over the issues their masters know divide the majority of the American voters.  Each faction has been willing to throw a partial victory away because they didn’t get everything they wanted.  Instead we are all rewarded with total defeat.

They distracted us with the definition of marriage, abortion and other very real issues while they systematically dismantle the Constitution right in front of us.  They’ve attacked us and then told is we were intolerant when we tried to fight back.  We quietly accepted the erosion of our Constitutional rights in an effort to get along.  We say nothing as the President advertises he is building his own civilian army sugar coated as a year of public service.  It stinks of Hitler’s youth, but again we say nothing because we don’t want to be called mean spirited.  We watch helplessly as ACORN is being positioned to take the next census.  Once this count of convenience is complete and drives the last nails in the coffin of conservatism, we will also see any hope of change that is in the best interest of We The People fade away.

Their goal for America is to become a member of a greater global union.  We will no longer be a sovereign entity, we will take orders from the bankers and financiers that have manufactured the very crises they pretend to rescue us from.  We will be forced to produce, yet not allowed to provide for our own children.  They smile at the knowledge that we handed it to them on a silver platter with our apathy.  How stupid we were that we valued so little the hard won freedom we inherited.

Americans have a history of overcoming incredible odds to achieve great things.  Putting a man on the moon is but one example of the awesome things America has done.  Our innovators have led the world in medicine and technology for the last 100 years.  We settled a huge continent and have stood up for what is good and right throughout the world.  America has fought against tyranny whenever it as reared its ugly head, until it crept into our own country.  Now we wonder, where are the Marines?

America, what are you waiting for?  Those currently in power aren’t going to give back what they have stolen from you easily.  They will use all of the same ploys they used to lure us here in the first place.  They will tell you their agenda is for the children.  They will hide behind their convenient lies and rhetoric and then continue down the same path striving for their undeclared goal…Socialism.

Truly, if any of this were really for the children, they would protect the family.  They would honor marriage as the safest place to raise a child.  They would reward the productive and let us keep our resources and trust that we would use them to care for those precious lives we’ve brought into this world.  It’s not at all about the children.  It’s about controlling the vast wealth and resources of the United States of America.  It’s about power.  They won’t be satisfied with just our country; they have their sights set on the world.  A small band of elitist tyrants are willing to kill our economy and our way of life for their own gain and glory.

Its time. Its time to quit waiting for someone else to do something. Become that someone and step up.  Help to spread the word that we can take our freedom back if we seize every opportunity to put visible pressure on Congress to stop this attack on our liberty. Yes We Can!

4 Responses

  1. Great Posting !!!:)

  2. Excellent Points !!!!

  3. Couldn’t have said it any better, or agree any more strongly!

  4. You’re not getting many comments but you are getting a lot of hits. Something is beginning to work for we see that those at Acorn are on the way out. Maybe America has grown tired of slumber and just needs a good jolt of caffeine to fully awaken! We’re losing our wealth, we’re losing our way of life, we’re losing our Constitution, and if something doesn’t un-change, we might see large chuncks of American realestate lost to those that have loaned money to a bankrupt society.

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