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The money for the first (or second depending on how you count TARP I) stimulus bill has just begun trickling from the hands of our gracious benefactors and already there is talk about passing another massive spending bill.

The economy isn’t turning around fast enough they say, and more must be done to save us from the horrors of the failing economy! This crisis, like so many others, demands immediate and “decisive” action by people who know better than us what needs to be done. Things taking a moment to consider the ramifications of what they are doing, or even taking a moment to read the bills are unimportant in light of what must be done. Without their bold actions we would be lost and the very fragile world around us would come crumbling to the ground.

This is not the first time that members of the government have acted in this matter, nor will it be the last. The last decade has proven this time and again. After 9/11 our government reacted in panic and pushed through reactionary legislation such as the PATRIOT Act without reading most of the bill. More bureaucracy was created in the form of the DHS and two wars were launched because something needed to be done.

Medicare Part D and No Child Left Behind are two more examples of needless government action in response to different problems during the Bush administration. The Obama administration then showed up and has already gone far beyond any of the previous administrations in having the government “doing something”. Massive stimulus and bailout programs are being passed left and right. The cap and trade environmental bill and universal healthcare are barreling through congress.

What we need from our government, now more than ever, is for them to actually assess what they are doing and maybe even take the time to read the bills they are passing. Sometimes this means that even in the face of what seems to be an immeasurable crisis, it is best for the government to do nothing. That is not to say that some of what the government is attempting to respond to are not real problems, but even the worst problems cannot be responded to rashly. In fact, more government is rarely, if ever, the correct response to most of these situations. The government attacks every situation with a sledgehammer, no matter what it requires. After the crisis has passed the government never shrinks or gives back any of its power.

It is up to we the people to put a stop to the “Do Something” mentality of our government. It is very tempting to trust someone else that seems bigger, stronger, smarter, and more capable of dealing with the big problems then we are. It comforts us to assume that someone is tending the light at the end of the tunnel for us. We cannot afford to have that mindset any longer.  Even if it is something that we personally agree with, we have to think long and hard about how the government is going to grow to accomplish what we want it to do. It is up to us to stand in the way of the leviathan as it tries to use any crisis or calamity that it can to feed itself.


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  1. “It is up to we the people to put a stop to the “Do Something” mentality of our government.”

    How? Unless people like us and other like-minded individuals are actually IN the government, what exactly can we do? I know “vote them out” but a lot of people suffering from entitlement and victim mentalities like the way the gov is doing things. The Tea Parties are good for voicing concerns but what good is talk is they aren’t listening? When do we go past parties and mild protests to outright defiance? Believe me, I’m all for putting a stop to the madness. By any means.

    • There are two things that I think we have 3 tactics that we have to use. The first is constantly contacting our congress people and keeping on them to only vote for legislation that is Constitutional. For this to be effective we need to keep the pressure on them, even if it is an issue that we think something needs to be done about. The next is to educate people. Instead of being dismissive of people with other ideas we have to inform that that any government that can give them what they want can also take it away. Finally, we need to get people into the government. I have lost complete faith in both parties, so I think we have to start local and grow from there.

      • “Finally, we need to get people into the government. I have lost complete faith in both parties, so I think we have to start local and grow from there.”

        This is one thing I’m still trying to teach myself about. I’ve only been interested in politics for about 8 months Having said that, I wish I was knowledgeable enough get into politics myself. My skin is more than thick enough to deal with it 🙂

        It’s financially unfeasible to look toward college, the best I can do is educate myself. Which is probably the better option anyway 😛

  2. i am fortunate that my job allows me the time to be an activist… to a certain extent. but the libs already have well established ways of herding the ‘useful idiots’ with sites set up to send auto emails to senators. I’m posting articles where i can and contacting my senators w/ direct emails…while moveon has people showing up at senate offices today to fight for health care!

  3. Unless the govt changes its “do something” mentality, I am afraid that we may be headed for a second revolution. A revolution different than the kind in war, but one where an enormous amount of people stand up and refuse to pay taxes or take a stand for something else. Somehow we need to make the govt pay attention. One way the politicians may wake up is if we cut off their food chain-money. The govt. is accountable to us and not the other way around. I believe it is our right to hold these wasteful spendthrifts accountable for their actions.

    Govt Doing Something=Doing the wrong thing

  4. Well I think that what is going to have to happen is that the protesting gets taken to another level. Unfortunately we need to take a page out of the Acorn and George Soros handbook for stimulating change. The problem is that conservatives work for a living and are focused on their given professions trying to achieve success for their families. We don’t have large groups of under or unemployed sitting by and gullible to the Marxist inspired sudointellectual do-gooder wolves in sheep’s clothing. Who have committed themselves to a change that preys on the ignorance of the week, weary and complacent. As long as we continue to sit by and whine about the state of things and wait for someone to start the movement we will watch our freedoms all disappear into the black hole of fascism and eventual totalitarianism. I think we need to start organizing protests in front of the offices and homes of all these politicians who vote for anything that erodes the freedom of the people by expanding the limited powers granted to them by us the people. It will have to start small, but my feeling is that this is how the movement will start. So that it gets attention and explodes.

    • Some of us conservatives, that have been laid of from work (such as myself) have more than enough time to “stimulate” some change 😉

  5. Thanks for the comments!

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