What Are You Doing For America?

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 I am not really what someone would call a blogger, although I dabble once in a while.

However, I am on a mission for my country, my America. 

Like many people, I had always voted, usually party, and really did not pay much attention to the issues on the table.  Guess I was thinking that should be left up to the politicians, after all, “I trusted” them.  WRONG!

Well, last year was an awakening for me.  Before the 08 elections, I campaigned heavily for John McCain/Governor Sarah Palin, ok, I admit, mostly for the Governor.

When the election was over, I knew deep in my heart & soul, there was much work for me to do.

Remember, I am just an average American with a family, dogs & cats, who sometimes wonders how I will manage to pay the mortage & the electricity bill at times.  But the passion for trying to do my small part in keeping America from crumbling would not go away.  So I put my whole being into doing what I could.  As the State Director of a grassroots organization, I knew a little, but more had to be done.  Becoming educated on issues, bills, candidates was fast becoming a new part of me.  I felt energized, I liked it, it was almost like an addiction. but I knew I could not & would not stop fighting for my country. 

I have learned so much from patient & kind people along the way & I have met hundreds of great Patriots who feel exactly as I do. I have a saying…”America is a puzzle who is broken, we are all a small piece of that puzzle, so find your place and fit in”. It takes all of us.. Just average Americans who love their country, fighting for what is right for our family & friends.

The end result, for many Americans, who love their country and are willing to walk the walk instead of always talking, in my thoughts, will definitely be worth the fight.