Understanding the Need for Voter Registration

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With the country seemingly spiraling out of control, moving at blazing speed towards the left, HOPE seems to be all but lost.

Our current administration is working hard to undo all that our great country has worked towards; respect and hard-work are words that have been all but forgotten. In its place is a system of welfare and complacency and reliance on the government to provide sustenance without the fear of having to provide for oneself. What it means to be an American is quickly becoming an empty term that means nothing more then a nationality. Our country is dead……

Though, one might consider the previous to be a very hyperbolic statement, in the eyes of conservatives this horror is a reality. The United States is losing its soul and forgetting all that the Founding Fathers had fought for.

So how can we save ourselves from this growing terror?

Voter Registration. I know what you are thinking, how in g-d’s name can voter registration save the country and my sanity? How will getting people to register really make a difference? In fact, once you get people to register, most of them will not vote so what is the point?

All valid questions, but  they’re missing the essential reason for Voter Registration. More than just getting people to register, it is the act of talking and educating the voters. Just being out in the field, working a voter registration booth will give “hope” and “strength” to Republicans that have become angry with the party.

Just last weekend I was working a registration booth in Laguna Niguel, California  in front of a market, and the butcher came out. He walked up to me and said, “Its great you are out here man! I have never seen a Republican booth, all I usually see are those crazy Greenpeace guys and the liberals. This gets me excited to see you out here. Thank you!”

The fact that he was excited was even more gratifying than registering a voter, because he will go to his friends and tell them about the booth which will get them excited and they will tell their friends. Presence is one of the most powerful results of voter registration!

Further, the fact is voter registration is usually done by volunteers who are the backbone of the Republican party. It is the people that run the party and it is the voters that can change the direction of the GOP. When voters begin to understand this and take into account that their votes do count, we will begin to CHANGE this country.

This post is the first of many on Voter Registration as we have to prepare for the 2010 election. It is going to take the effort of all of YOU to be able to strengthen the GOP and take back America.

That is all for now, check back next time for another post on Voter Registration.