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This page is to help consolidate the links for everyone so that all of our articles on health care can be found under one roof (so to speak).

If you want to check back on what we are writing, this is the place to check for updates as well as scheduled pending updates.

Scheduled updates:

My personal experience with injury in military

Nationalized Health Care Plan – simplified, comprehensive, must read!

According to our new Dan Quayle replacement and Vice President, no one knew what would happen with the costs of the stimulus plan, the effects, how far things would move, etc.
Without beating a dead horse too much – most conservatives were either right on or had hedged to the (pardon the pun) conservative side of […]


Our Health Care Plea:

You know, there are some things that I have been hearing lately that are really making me quite angry as a conservative.
Barack Obama – the opponents of this plan are lying. I am not trying to take over the medical industry with government.
First of all, Mr. President – I am not lying, I just know […] 


Obama’s ABC infomercial and Mrs. Scoundrel’s analysis of healthcare:

According to Fox News today:
ABC News will host an hour-long special on health care reform in the U.S. next Wednesday from the White House East Room — a move that ABC is defending but critics are calling a surrender to the Obama administration’s effort to control the debate.
The prime time special — called “Questions for […]

The Truth About Health Care:

One VERY important note:
This debate is just about to start. The fight isn’t over as the Gitmo situation illustrated. They WERE going to bring those terrorists here until polls came out. When you spoke up and 75% said “no way”, the government backed down and quickly.

The same applies here. Learn the lesson. Make the Congresspeople […] 


Health Care – How About a Real Fix?

We’re going to war on my wallet again? I work 60 hours a week to pay for someone else to sit at home, to retire and now to go to the hospital?
This isn’t right.
This is going to harm us. This is being based on the Massachusetts model, which is FAILING.
What part of FAILING don’t you […]


Secret Lingo in bill may deny people medical rights:

Here’s something that is transparent.
Like a brick wall.
President Obama, in his everlasting battle to oppose trickery and fakery in the politics of today, has unveiled a new plan
President Obama is insisting on arcane procedural language tucked away in the budget resolution conference report that will dramatically expand the federal government’s control over your personal health […] 


Obamedicaid – How cost effective will it really be?

I am in the process of reading a very humorous, very enlightening book entitled, “Welcome to Obamaland – I have seen your future, and it doesn’t work”, by British author James Delingpole. 
In this book, Mr. Delingpole enlightens us as to what imposed Socialism does to a Capitalist society.  He shows us most clearly what has […]

Obamedicaid – How Cost Effective will the Socialized Medical Plan REALLY be?

2 Responses

  1. Mecicare is already broke and so am I. No more govt programs

  2. Can a counter protest be launched to show the other side?
    A July 30

    Check out the PRO-HEALTH CARE flier below:

    Click to access july30.pdf

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