A Tale of Two Women

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other..

Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities”

Good old Mr Dickens probably had no idea that this quote, written regarding Paris and London during the American Revolution, would be so applicable today in our polarized society here in the land that was winning its freedom back then. This polarization has been so completely demonstrated by the hero worship of the last two days that it is almost overwhelming. Or should I say heroine.

Woman One – Comes from nothing and by hard work (and affirmative action) goes to the best college and law school and works her way up through the judicial ranks till she now sits as a nominee for the Supreme Court, the highest level in her chosen profession.

Woman Two – Comes from nothing, goes to a variety of schools, works her way through the leadership ranks up from PTA president to Governor of our largest state and was recently considered for the 2nd highest office in the land.

I am reserving judgement on Woman One. I do that because like Senator Sessions said yesterday, I don’t really know which woman we have sitting before us in the court. Is she the strong Latina woman who is ferocious on the bench and very defensive of and proactive for her race/gender? Or is she the reasoned, amiable, thoughtful, sincere woman who seems to lean solely on judicial precedent in deciding her cases that we see before us in the hearings? I think she is probably both and perhaps the least of evils in the candidates Barack Obama was considering. She is also likely to be confirmed because the GOP is afraid of alienating Hispanic voters it would like to reach. To that I say, hogwash! By the way, President Obama was crazy like a fox in nominating someone who could not say much of anything definitive in the hearings because she was “not at liberty to comment” as a sitting appellate judge.

I am also reserving judgement on Woman Two. I would like to see what her long-term plans are and am watching to see those played out daily. For the most part I am a supporter and will probably become more so as she gets her independent political legs back under her and does things in whatever way she sees fit and in whatever ways work best for her family. She is also a dichotomy. She is a seasoned leader who can light up a room with her oratory and win people with a touch and a smile and a look in the eye. She is also a woman who can bristle when attacked and strike back. She is comfortable in formal dress or hip waders and seems to be the same person no matter the apparel.

Two strong women. In this day and age of enlightenment, you would think that both would be celebrated and treated with the highest respect for their achievements. But no, things aren’t always what you expect.

One is revered by many of her race (not all, by far) and practically worshipped in her hearings by those in her party and of her (probable) belief systems. She is given high fives by the liberal pundits, Twitterers and bloggers cause heck – they like her! Her more conservative jurors in the panel grill her hard, but with respect and those Twittering and bogging against generally try to show the same respect with the worst I’ve seen being that “she is an activist and looks like Roseanne Barr”. The conservative pundits (at least on TV – haven’t listened to any talk radio lately) are actually trying to examine her judicial record before making any pronouncements.

The other, from the moment she stepped onto the national stage has either been worshipped or reviled by the public, attacked by the pundits, Twitterers and Bloggers on the left and slightly higher than tolerated by conservative media and the leaders in her own party. She has been called – and I am going to be precise here – a slut, whore, MILF, moron, idiot, bad mother, retard – and those are just a few, especially from the Twittering crowd and those like Olberman and Matthews. Since she went back to govern her home state, she has been assaulted by claims of ethics violations. She only went back home because the man she was running with was not strong enough or different enough to win the highest seat in the land, not because of any lacking of her own. In fact she is the one that brought about the resurgence of the ticket. Throughout the campaign she bit her tongue about the vile attacks. Now that she is breaking free of the constraints of her office – I say, go get em. No female in the public eye has been subjected to this level of hate and vulgarity and had that hate transferred to her children. When she dares to actually publish a column in an MSM paper the outcry is not against her concepts, but that “this moron” could possibly have written it. This same woman was a journalism major in school, battled through complex contracts with energy firms and was able to go off prompter at the most pressure filled moment of her life at the national convention.

So what is the difference between these two remarkable women? There are only a few that I can see, and from what I know of women’s causes, they should be celebrated. Sarah Palin was able to achieve high office and fight the old boy network in her own party to achieve the highest office in her state while being a faithful wife and mother of five children and maintaining a close relationship with her family. Sonia Sotomayor has achieved this opportunity to be heard for the highest possible seat in her profession while being totally devoted to that profession and her extended family.

Oh wait, there are a few other differences. Sarah is extremely attractive, has a hunky loving husband, is incredibly physically fit, can birth a baby and go to work two days later, is spunky, funny and yes, folksy. Isn’t folksy something some of our most accomplished politicians have been? She also firmly believes in the right to life. She believes that so strongly that while doubting her own ability with Trig, she made the hard decision to have him at 42, at the same time as helping her daughter make the same decision. So two children who could have never entered the world, now have and are loved beyond measure. That debate is for a whole other blog post, but it remains a polarizing idea. She also believes that the United States is the greatest nation on earth, will defend it to the death and that it’s constitution is the supreme law of the land, not needing any assistance from the “international community”. She believes in the right to bear arms and to protect your property.

Sonia Sotomayor has done none of the above nor was she able to speak a firm belief in the Right to Life, the 2nd amendment or the Constitution being the overarching legal idea in our country.

Why do liberals and conservative elite hate Sarah Palin so much? Possibly because of all of the above. Why do they respect Sonia Sotomayor so much? Possibly because of all of the above.

Letter to Wasilla – Thanks for Lending Us Sarah

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I had the pleasure of discovering that a letter I had written as a thank you to Wasilla for lending Sarah Palin to us for a while was published in The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, the local Wasilla paper.

Here is a small excerpt –

Second, I wonder where the outcry of “quitter” was for Janet Napolitano, ex-governor of Arizona; Kathleen Sibellius, ex-governor of Kansas; Hillary Clinton, ex-Senator of New York or Rahm Emmanuel, ex-congressman of Illinois. All of these abandoned their constituents mid-term to enjoy the bigger paycheck and prestige they would enjoy working for President Obama.

Find the rest here, leave a comment if you like –
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman – Letter to Sarah

Thomas Paine – Letter to the President


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This is the personification of everything I wrote in the post
“Special Election Demand, Censure and Transfer of Power”.

Be prepared to be awed!

Hate Speech and other things…

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(Just for full disclosure – I am an American who is a conservative, has protested at Tea Parties, and is an active social media user. I work full time in education and happen to be a Christian).

The rise of hate speech in America will have already caused many of you to stop reading because of some of the ways I identified myself in my disclosure. If you are still with me, thank you.

Today I took a stand and stood with approximately 30 other people outside Senator Bill Nelson’s office here. We were there to protest the massive health Care Reform package that is being bullied through congress, filled with pork, with no true debate and no time for reading and researching the long term effects of passage. I will be tweeting at the Twitter Tea Party at noon Saturday for the same reasons against Cap and Trade. This bill would bankrupt industry, agriculture and education in Florida, kill our real estate market and tourism, and force many people out of work and industries out of our country. It’s just not the right time for these massive, unread intrusive regulatory bills when we are still in the midst of a recession that we were told in January was a crisis. I have not seen much improvement in economic numbers, and yet suddenly the crisis can be set aside to force passage of these sweeping reforms. And it is my right to say so.

On the way home I was listening to an interview on local TALK RADIO (88.5 FM, Tampa) decrying the evils of all the “right wing talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and O’Reilly” who are inciting the masses to violence. This is a patently untrue statement. I frequently watch Glenn Beck, get frustrated with Bill O’Reilly because he so often does NOT say what his stand is on issues and very occasionally hear Rush. An yet, this radio very clearly said that I was being incited to violence. They are speaking untruths about people they don’t know, and yet this is not classified as hate speech. At the same time there was no mention of the Muslim American who killed two of our service men who happened to work in a recruiting station being incited to violence. By who? The liberal media who constantly preached of “American soldiers killing innocent women and children in Iraq”. That was his reason “They are murdering women and children and killing them is my right as a Muslim”.

The people I have met at Tea Parties are not remotely considering anything violent, and yet the liberal press constantly paints us as “right-wing extremist nut jobs”. I know I don’t have a violent bone in my body. Glenn Beck in particular, even in his total frustration with the direction our gov’t has been taking for decades, constantly reminds readers, listeners and viewers that his is not a call to violence but to civil dissent. In his author’s note in “Common Sense” (now #1 on the NYT Bestseller List) he says- “Violence is the easy way out – but it is also the sure path to discrediting everything you stand for..” – citing Dr Martin Luther King, Jr as an example of what can be accomplished through non-violent protest.

Here is my point. We have become an America where no true debate is possible. We are a nation of “people groups” all drawn into our little corners and shouting at each other rather than talking. From the halls of Congress where our elected representatives laugh at those with opposing views, to mainstream media who feel free (on all channels) to question someone’s character, motives, and personhood, rather than actually investigating their stances on issues. And yes, the liberal media who refuse to mention the growing voice of dissent in the Tea Party movement, instead calling honest hard-working citizens who number in the hundreds of thousands “racist tea bagging rednecks” for exercising their constitutional rights – again including me in that description.

How can healthy debate happen when the government doesn’t respect us (another form of hate and derision) enough to even read what they are voting for? 1300 page major legislation is passed through Congress with nothing remotely resembling bipartisan debate. Congressional debate is when people from all sides sit down over a considerable period of time and work out compromise solutions that are best for the American people – not special interest groups, parties or reelection guarantees. It is about to happen again on Health Care with the President pushing the Senate to start marking up the bill and get it passed before August recess.

Congress exists because the founders felt the need checks and balances on executive power. They do not have to respond to this pressure. they can set the agenda, and yet they refuse to act like adults and talk to each other. Congressman Denny Hoyer said yesterday ““If every member pledged to not vote for it if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes,” Hoyer told CNSNews.com at his regular weekly news conference. Hoyer was responding to a question from CNSNews.com on whether he supported a pledge that asks members of the Congress to read the entire bill before voting on it and also make the full text of the bill available to the public for 72 hours before a vote. .

Last night I voiced a reaction to something someone tweeted, hoping for some lively productive debate, and instead was called a “typical right wing whore”. I’m a big girl. I can handle it. But that does not make it right or acceptable. I cannot even reprint the absolutely vile sexual comments that far left liberal tweeters are saying about Governor Palin this week But far right Tweeters are just as bad, comparing Obama to Hitler and saying Nancy Pelosi has sex with dogs (or encouraging her to).

And that leaves the rest of us – who are neither in the extreme far left camp(10%) or the extreme far right camp (10%) unable to talk to each other for fear of being painted with vile labels, having our character assassinated or even our careers ruined. I have thought about running for local office. I have not because I fear the skeletons in my closet – come on, we all have them because we are ALL human – would be aired to humiliate me and my family. That would be done with no regard to my intelligence or ability to affect sensible change.

I grew up in a country were people agreed to disagree, and if something was worth fighting for, we did it honestly. People of all colors, political persuasions and belief systems fought the veils of slavery, fought for Women’s Suffrage, worked together to defeat the evils of Nazi tyranny, rode Freedom buses, and recently united in Twitter support of Iran and Honduras.

And yet we have come to a point where we canot talk to each other about anything of import without insults, vulgarity and derision. We, all of us -politicians, newscasters, citizens – have to realize that unless we have marked it private, everything we say in social media, on radio and on TV (almost everyone has cable now – so cable “news” does not get a pass) everything we say is available for public consumption. There are just some things that should not be said in polite company. Does that mean I support the national cyber-hate crimes legislation being floated right now? No. But I believe we need to start taking some personal responsibility for what we say. And yes, I am going to go back through my own posts and see what I might have said in anger or thoughtlessness that needs rethinking.

It is a sad day in America. Can we possibly just say “YES” to respect each other, and “YES” to talking to each other? And agree to disagree?

Special Election, Censure, and Transfer of Power Demand

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WHEREAS – The current members of the the U.S, Senate and House of Representatives have proven themselves completely inept at budgeting the expenditures of the punishing tax revenues received from American workers,

WHEREAS – The national deficit has quadrupled since January 2009,

WHEREAS – The Federal Government is without compunction assuming control of private corporations and financial institutions,

WHEREAS – The United States Congress is passing major legislation costing billions of dollars of non-existent income without having actually read the bills and without regard to or knowledge of the cost to American businesses, citizens and individual liberties,

WHEREAS – There are sitting Senators and congressmen that have been pursuing a Progressive/Statist agenda for more than 40 years and now are demanding it with no regard to the Constitution or the wishes of the citizens,

WHEREAS – The United States Treasury is printing billions of dollars to cover the shortage of tax revenue to pay for the above-mentioned bills including TARP, The Stimulus Act and soon Cap and Trade, and perhaps a second stimulus and our abusive executive branch refuses to accept the fact that Americans can fix or survive the economic problems if they will just leave us alone.

WHEREAS – The President of the United States is appointing dozens of Administrative Czars who do not answer to the legislative branch or the citizens they represent, thereby completely circumventing the checks and balances laid out in the United States Constitution,

WHEREAS – The President of the United States has done nothing to demonstrate military leadership in the face of multiple current threats to our National Security and in fact is engaging in practices of appeasement with known enemies,

WHEREAS – The President of the United States is denying any Judeo/Christian foundation for the formation of this nation and honoring ALL those who are in diametrical opposition to those who practice a Judeo/Christian faith, including Muslims(.8%) and Homosexual/Transgender/Gay/Lesbian Community (1.5%) which together make up only 2.3% of the United States adult population,

WHEREAS – The President of the United States is bullying a progressive/statist agenda through a sympathetic majority in the Senate and House moving us away from the idea of a democratic Republic with the bulk of power in the citizens hands, then the states, then the Federal Government, and instead attempting to make the states simply districts of the Federal Government, meting out punishments and threats if they don’t accept his deals.

WE THE PEOPLE in order to reclaim control of this once proud and powerful nation do hearby demand a National Special Election, November 3, 2009 for the purposes of a Constitutional Amendment Requiring term limits for all Senators and Congressional Representatives. These limits shall be two six-year terms for Senators, with one-third being up for election every two years three two- year terms for Representatives. If this Amendment to the Constitution is approved by the states, any legislator whose service has exceeded the stated limits must end their service and go home in January of 2011 when the next Senate and House classes are due to be seated.

WE THE PEOPLE also demand legislation to repeal lifetime benefits and pensions for the entire Legislative Branch.

WE THE PEOPLE also demand that the current President of the United States be censured for his complete misrepresentation of America in the World Community and his obvious mistrust of its history, traditions and values, and that all power of the Commander-In-Chief be transferred to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for such time as the current President remains in office.

WE THE PEOPLE RE DECLARE OUR INDEPENDENCE from an oppressive out of control Federal Government.

Signed – July 2009 to assure that we will see our Tricentennial as a free, independent and powerful nation on July 4, 2076 and pass that legacy to many generations to come.

If you agree with this decree, please leave a comment saying “I concur”, with your full name and location.

If I receive at least 200 comments I will turn this over to someone to place in an actual secure web form to add legal signatures.

I will work with someone with activism background to determine the right number of signatures to forward this to the Supreme Court

Patriots on the Rise!

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Be strong! Here are some folks I’ve met and heroes I’ve visited since April 15:

Tea Party – Brandon FL 7/4/09

Memorial Day – Florida National Cemetery 5/09

Tax Day Tea Party – Tampa, FL 4/15/09

And one I met last October and hope to meet again sometime after July 26 :o) “Change is Coming- BE STRONG!”

SARAH – Oct, 26, 2008 (sound is a iffy – I’ll work on that!)

AND Last – She autographed my sign and mentioned it during her speech! Now if only I could figure out how to get McCain’s name out from under her signature!

Heroes, Hoaxes and a Wacky Week in America

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 Geez, is it only Tuesday? I am exhausted with all that has happened in the last week.

We lost Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Billy Mays and still hear ad infinitum about MJ – yes, he’s still dead. I teach music and grew up on his music and I am sick of hearing about him. He was the King of Pop but he was also a freaky dude.

In the mean time, we are losing 1,000’s of real heroes from the WWII generation every day and no one cares. Heroes are those who served and those who stayed home and unified in sacrificial support of them The young are too busy being techies and living in “real time” to even realize the history that is disappearing. We older ones remember them because we knew them. They were our dads and grandfathers.

Here’s one of these heroes – U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Kenneth L. Reusser courtesy of a favorite columnist via @VetsOnTheWatch on Twitter.

HR 2454 – Affectionately known as “Cap and Trade” – non-affectionately known as “Tax and Raid” passed the House of Representatives.

The vote was snuck in on Friday when most Americans that care were at work and got blind-sided listening to the news on the way home. Many of us were faxing and emailing and calling and tweeting in marathon style – all to no avail. Because deals were made on the house floor to be sure Barack, Nancy, Al, GE, Wall Street, Fannie and Freddie got their way. Nancy knew her job was on the line if she did not get this passed for the big guy. 

Dems were told – “its O.K. to vote ‘Nay’ – your reelection is on the ropes – this’ll make them happy!” GOP turncoats were offered environmental incentives. There was NO (not even CNN or Fox) media coverage as our lives were signed away by our non-representative govt. So we tuned them out and stayed glued to C-SPAN through the very brief debate on the 1300 page mostly unread bill, which actually represents the biggest tax increase on U.S. citizens in history.

They say it will not make it through the Senate. One would hope that they would be intelligent enough to put a halt on it till a better bill can be written in a bi-partisan manner. But I will continue to fight it in every way possible, including attending the Orlando Tea Party on Saturday. Regarding the Senate – I’m told faxing is best because you have a receipt of the communication and they have a paper copy. LET’S FILL THE SENATE HALLS WITH 5′ OF PAPER “NO CAP AND TRADE” FAXES BEFORE THEY COME BACK FROM RECESS. I know they are probably stored on computer, but we can kill the system (Click on “Senate” for links for Fax numbers) .

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse – we find out today that Minnesota will be represented in the Senate by comedian Al Franken. Yes, I coined the next line that is circulating Twitter – “with Al Franken, the three-ring circus is now complete, with Barack Obama as the Imperial Ring-Master”. Gee, government feels so much more transparent now.

The White House is getting ready to unveil a brand new “transparency counter” for how our money is spent. As far as I know, stats can be manipulated to prove any hoax you want, Mr. President.

Flashback to November- Conclusion

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 What do we hope for?

We hope that our economy survives the spending and taxes that are coming. We hope the information age doesn’t become the disinformation age where all information you receive is controlled by the government. We hope that the terrorists who hate America, the Europeans who we fought for and who have thrown us to the wolves and the Russians and Chinese who are rattling their sabers, somehow believe that we are still a strong enough nation to withstand their attacks and survive to our tri-centennial.

With disregard for our own grief, we will pray for providential wisdom and guidance for President-elect Obama and all leaders because that is what we do. We will continue to go to work every day, raise our families to the best of our abilities, worship in our various houses and creeds, and serve our communities. We will continue to care for the needy and would rather not be told it is someone else’s right to dock our hard-earned pay checks to do so. We will continue to celebrate achievement by all who work hard and grab onto the American dream and not feel it in anyway takes away from us. We will do our best to take care of the planet and its inhabitants. We will continue to fight for the rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” and believe in a “government of the people, by the people and for the people”, not a government that controls the people. We will continue to “ask not what our country can to do for us but what we can do for our country”. We will celebrate the indescribable privilege that we have to live in the greatest nation on earth and thank our Creator that He inspired the puritans to escape here for religious freedom from religious oppression in England. Freedom isn’t free. It is a result of struggle and constant vigilance. May a people of every age, color and creed be raised up that will read the unedited history of America through her highs and lows and learn to serve her, not themselves.

***These articles were originally written two days after the election in 2008.***

Flashback to November, Part II

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We grieve because the “agents if change” jeered, belittled and attacked in an incredibly sexist manner a self-made, faithful, hardworking mother of 5, who has a son in uniform. She achieved in every opportunity to improve herself that was presented to her throughout her life. This is what the President elect’s party supposedly stands for and yet she was completely denigrated because her core beliefs were not acceptable to them. Senator Obama never uttered one word to ask them to cease and desist except when the attacks involved the children. Yet the party and major media accused us of focusing on trivialities and cried “Foul” when we questioned his long-term associations and stated agenda.

Those who are grieving grew up in an America where parents of every color and creed believed that it was their job to raise responsible citizens, and support their educational goals (even when those opportunities were limited). Our parents and grandparents provided for us through sacrifice of their own needs and desires. They showed by example how to get along, and how to disagree without being combative or demeaning. They demonstrated how to accomplish hard tasks without whining. In most homes, we had the example and learned the value of a stable marriage. Our parents did not expect our government, our community or our teachers to raise us. They expected us to go to school, mind our manners, do our best and accomplish something.

We are grieving because many people refuse to make the hard choices and take a stand for fear of not being “in” or politically correct. We are grieving because this president elect has stated without equivocation that the lives of unborn and nearly born children are only of value if they are not inconvenient. He has stated this through his unwavering support of Planned Parenthood and his promise to assure that the Freedom of Choice Act becomes law. This act allows children who become pregnant to undergo a medical procedure to dispose of that life, without parents consenting or even being informed. We can only extend that equation to what our lives and our parents’ lives will be worth when aged or infirm.

We are grieving for the removal of parental control of the information that is given to children by their schools. This government indoctrination into class warfare, liberal values and, in many states, the homosexual agenda, is a very real part of the education reform that is planned by the extreme left of the Democratic Party. President-elect Obama is the leader, promised one and poster child for this group.

We are grieving because the Judeo-Christian values that have upheld this nation are being mocked at every turn while we are told how intolerant and archaic WE are. We are grieving because we fear that everything we have fought for, that our young people are fighting and dying for, and that this country was formed to embody, seems to be of no use to many of the current generation which has been indoctrinated by the liberal, and often radical, professors who have staffed our universities since the 70’s.

Flashback to November – Part I…It seems I was right

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ORIGINALLY POSTED after President Obama was Elected – it seems I was fairly spot on…


Dear Fellow Americans –

Fifty-two percent of the citizens of the United States woke up on Wednesday or stayed up late on Tuesday and embraced elation, pride and a feeling that “it’s finally time for us”. I am proud that Americans were able to step above color lines and elect a well-spoken ambitious young man of mixed race. Forty-eight percent woke up to grief. I am not talking about anger. I am talking about unabashed grief. We are not upset that a man of color was elected. That was a great day for America. We are grieving because the man of color who was elected stands so diametrically opposed to so much that we value. Those values built the America that so many, who are overjoyed with the election results, are expecting to take care of them. We are grieving because the media sold the people a president rather than presenting all the facts and encouraging all citizens to make informed decisions.

We are not grieving for our pocketbooks, our mortgages or our elitest rights. I represent many of the average Americans who make up that 48%. I am a public school teacher in a Title I Renaissance school. My school is 92% economically disadvantaged, 84% African American or mixed race, 12% Hispanic and approximately 4% Caucasian. 15% of our students deal with some form of disability. I am a Caucasian of American Indian, Romanian, Scottish and English descent. I serve this community because I believe I was put on this planet to serve, not to be served, to make a difference, not lodge complaints, and to be appreciative of this remarkable country through good times and bad. I will not always agree with her actions, but I will always believe in the principles she was founded on.

We who are grieving believe it is each community’s job to take care of the truly needy, not the federal government’s. We volunteer in our schools and houses of worship. We contribute regularly and quietly out of the little or much that we have to community food banks and clothing drives. We serve in shelters, provide aid to unwed mothers, and answer with our time, finances and labor in times of national and international disaster. These actions come not out of creed or patriotism but out of values that have been passed from generation to generation and out of the belief that it is the right thing to do. “There but for the grace of God go I”.

We believe that opportunity is there for every American to succeed but that it takes hard work, education, a teachable spirit and the desire to make the world better, whether through a product, a service or an idea. We do not begrudge anyone’s success or think it somehow takes away from us. We know that Presidents have very little control over the economy and that it runs in cycles. We know that we suffered a traumatic financial attack on September 11, 2001 which took many years to recover from.

We believe in living within our means. When we make a poor or inopportune choice economically, like buying into inflated property values, it is our job to find a way out, not the Federal government’s. I have a school loan that was taken in the faith that it would prepare me for a career that would provide for me more adequately in my single middle-age and allow me to retire someday. It did not. I am now trying to decide how to handle a loan that is well beyond my means to pay. But I am not asking the government to solve this problem. It is mine and I will work at it till it is solved. I will be working till I am 90 in order to do so, but that is MY problem, not the government’s.