To the Government – Sit Down, SHUT UP and Listen or lose your jobs in 2010!


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Joe Biden is out selling the fact that we have to spend money to avoid bankruptcy in the health care industry.

I know that most people – 75-80% like what they have.

I know that all – every single employer – I have talked to is saying that they WILL dump their health care costs on the government if the issue is forced. That’s 160 million insured people.

I had a chart up before about how much we ALREADY OWE on Social Security, Health Care and Medicare. We already have UNFUNDED MANDATES (that is a big IOU) that states that we owe 70 Trillion dollars.

That isn’t made up. That is BEFORE we spend ONE PENNY on anything else.

That is our country’s GDP for the next 5 years.

Mr. Vice President? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with all you people up there? Why are you TRYING to lead us with your lies into a perdition that will destroy what WE value.

I know that many of your followers are seeing the light. I see the ripped off bumper stickers. I see the poll numbers.

Yet you still continue to state there is no other answer – and that’s a lie.

You CAN do something right now. Something that will cost almost nothing and you can implement inside a year – but you won’t because and only because it is a special interest that pays a lot of money to protect themselves and abandon the country as a whole.

I want to ask the lawyers something – DO YOU REALLY THINK THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM IS GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO SUE IT? Why are you protecting something that isn’t only going to destroy the insurance industry, insurance agents, cut pay for health care workers (as well as destroy jobs and quality of care) but also make a hollow mockery out of what you think will be protected – namely your right to sue the pants off the doctors?

Hey bubba – the doctors are basically going to end up working for Uncle Sam.

This is so stupid.

You lawyers are just like the greedy unions that have destroyed most every industry (rubber, textiles, ship building, steel, cars, airlines, etc) that they have gotten a hold of. You are going to try and protect massive payouts – and end up losing a hell of a lot more in the long run.

Why are you being so short sighted?

For those folks who don’t get it let me break it down for you:

Every item in a clinic/doctor’s office/hospital is something to do with treating your body.
If something happens to your body in the above locations, the sharks convince you to sue for millions.
If you do that enough, insurance costs on every single item goes way up.
If the costs of everything from tongue depressors to bandages goes up, your ENTIRE BILL skyrockets – the costs get passed THROUGH to your BILL.
Think about it – how many thousands of items are the doctors buying? EACH item has an additional cost added on to it BECAUSE of the HUGE COST of malpractice insurance.
Because, instead of being rational, everyone wants to strike it rich (you know, become the greedy bastards everyone wants to punish with higher taxes for being evil?) so they sue the doctor, the nurse, the clinic and the scale company because their fat butt was too clumsy to step off the 3 inch elevated scale without twisting their ankle.
Why else?
Because the greedy people have a reaction to the chemicals that treated the tongue depressor and naturally, it is the doctor, the nurse, the clinic and the company that made the tongue depressor CONSPIRING against them.

Does this mean that loss of life or traumatic injuries should be reduced to being joked about and not have the doctor’s punished? Heck no. If you cut off the wrong arm or leg, you shouldn’t only be sued, but have your liscense revoked nationwide, your name disseminated to all medical facilities and your picture up on a database simlar to a sex offender, because in some ways, for example, a drunk doctor could do a heck of a lot of damage to more people.

There are options to fix this – as I said.

Cap the PAIN and SUFFERING SIDE – unless the injury/damage reaches a catastrophic level. Leaving a piece of gauze vs a wrongful death.

Cap the fees a tort attorney can attain in larger class action suits – 10% for the fee and 10% for expenses unless they have documentation to prove their expenses exceeded 10% but not to exceed 20% no matter what.

Loser pays – if you sue and you lose – you pay all legal fees for both sides. If the judge rules it to be frivolous, you can be judged to owe 3 times the legal fees to the person/company you sue.

Open up insurance to cooperatives. Make it controlled – say industry cooperatives – but allow a small concrete plant to join with their state associations plan which will allow them to cut costs.

Start a rating/costing system of information on the internet – make sure that if people don’t get good care – they can let people know. Also – if there are complaints, make sure that the doctor must have them listed. 100k fine for each instance not listed -goes into uninsured fund to help defray costs of gov’t healthcare (medicaid/medicare). Same fine for each instance of ratings being tampered with. Make each health care group/clinic/hospital list average costs for everything from aspirin to appendix removal.

Hospitals should institute “estimates” just like mechanics.

Insurance must have no “out of network” doctors unless they are banned for legal/ethics reasons.

Insurance must allow people to shop – should work together with hospitals/clinics on pricing comparison charts/rating system – help themselves not be taken over by government.

Drop costs on moving from doctor to doctor (including to specialists) by instituting electronic medical records that the patient controls. Half of the cost of the first visit to any out of network, new or specialized doctors is having to collect all of the information all over again. More cost goes to maintaining the rolling files of hundreds of millions of patients. Chips could be made available for the patient to carry around, with everything from drugs they are on to xrays/CT scans/MRIs they have had done. The cost of these chips is around 100.00 for the most expensive – and those hold major GB now.

Allow these plans to progress for 3 years before even thinking about raising taxes or instituting more government controls.

See Mr. Biden, Mr. Obama? We do have a different idea. It might wound you in the legal fundraising a bit, but really, if you think about it, you have a lot more people to answer to.

What do you think is going to happen when the costs skyrocket after the government takes over and you have 160 million angry people who got cared for in hours now getting cared for in weeks to months, with higher costs, less care, deaths going up, and you bumbling boobs telling us what we can and can’t have covered?

My 82 year old mother DESERVES A LOT MORE than you dunderheads. Your powergrab is over. It is time. Sit down and SHUT UP. Dammit – we are getting tired of your manipulation of the economy – every time it starts going up, you bad mouth it. You get it to where it is tottering on a balance and you want to institute new costly programs that will ruin what delicate balance we have, and plunge us in to a hell we didn’t even see with Carter.

You Socialistic/Fascistic people will not see your dreams culminate. I would suggest to every Congressperson to think long and hard about passing ANYTHING else AT ALL before you see a sea of angry people on your front door step on 9/12.

People – if you haven’t made plans, advise your bosses, demand your friends carpool with you, share hotel rooms, pack sandwiches.

I can’t afford to go – but I will walk if I have to. I’ll sleep in my car and make it in to downtown to show these power hungry pigs that they can’t keep doing this to me. I have lost 3/5th of my salary to keep my job – you bet I’ll be there.

Congress- Mr. President – Mr. Vice President.

I just would quit while you’re ahead. 2010 really isn’t ALL that far off.

And I can assure you – I’ll quit my job, declare bankruptcy and eat grass and spend every WAKING MOMENT I have in my body to defeat EACH and EVERY one of you TRAITORS who spend one more FRIGGIN dime of OUR money to keep your jobs by BUYING votes from people who could care less about the country as a whole.

I won’t hesitate one second to do everything I can to make sure you lose the power you so lovingly betray your constituents to hold on to. And I have friends who are willing to help me.

2010 – this is your wake up call.

Better heed this warning. Go ahead and think this is just a little voice in the wilderness that no one listens to.

Have a nice restful weekend thinking about millions wasted, time lost and power surrendered because you don’t listen. Wait til you’re a civilian again and scratch your head and wonder why.

You – I judge you all, both sides, and find you wanting.

A lot of America is doing the same thing.

Better think long and hard.



Health Rations and You! A great video by Sam Adams Alliance

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Once again, I give kudos to Michelle Malkin.  She had this video posted on her sight this evening.

Yes, it is satirical, but unfortunately, it is also way too close to probabilities.  I only hope that it doesn’t end up as one of those “sad but true” instances.

Enjoy (and shudder at) the video!

Obamacare Bill Kills Choice! Don’t believe their lies!

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 Thanks once again to Michelle Malkin for this post.

According to the Investors’ Business Daily, they found a provision in the bill that would pretty much kill off the market for personal, individual insurance and funnel everyone into the “consumer option”.

When they found this provision in the 1,018 page bill they didn’t believe it.  So they went to the House Ways and Means Committee for verification.  Yep – it was correct:

The provision would indeed outlaw individual private coverage. Under the Orwellian header of “Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage,” the “Limitation On New Enrollment” section of the bill clearly states:“Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day” of the year the legislation becomes law.

What this basically means is that yes, we can indeed keep our current coverage – indeed; those of us with private individual coverage won’t be able to CHANGE it.  And, if we leave a company to work for ourselves, we will NOT BE ABLE to get individual coverage from a private carrier. 

Sounds to me like choices are becoming limited.

Also according to this MM article, The National Taxpayers Union researched the references to taxes and regulation versus the references to options and choices in this bill.  Here is what they found:

They found 1400 references to “taxes/regulation” compared to 88 for “choice/options.” And this sums it all up:

The terms “consumer-driven” and “patient-driven” as in consumer-driven and patient-driven choices and health care do not appear in the bill.

And, with the additional tax burdens being added to employers and employees alike, this is just further proof that this Obamacare may indeed be the final nail in the coffin of our Free America.

Folks, once again, I implore you to call and fax your representatives.  Let them know that they are being held accountable.  That you will NOT support them approving this monstrosity. 

Obamacare will not heal America.  It will kill it.

Here is Michelle’s full post along with references:

Dirty Little Monetary Secrets

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You hear a lot about money, dollars, people “paying off” politicians to get their votes, etc.

Lobbyists, PACs, groups and individuals donate money to governmental candidates – and according to Democrats (Socialists) the Republicans are the party of “big money”,”the rich”, “pharmaceuticals” etc.

Democrats also like to say that they are not the party of lawyers, unions, teachers or health care. No – they don’t take money from these people, and, after all, the Evil Conservatives make all the money from all the evil corporate special interests, right? (note the sarcasm, please)

This isn’t saying that the leading party in the house and senate don’t get more money because of having more people, but there are some interesting comparisons as well when you look at the money per candidate issues.

We have discovered a KILLER site to help look this information up, which is public record, even though most people don’t have the knowledge to look it up. Well, now you do. But, let’s take a look at some of the latest dollars (2009-2010 election cycle)  flowing into Washington by groups and the ratios – I think the dollar amounts might surprise you:

Democrats $8,383,031
Republicans $719,200
Independants $-500
(remember how some union sycophant told me they don’t spend money TO candidates? this is public record folks – and keep in mind this doesn’t count the money the unions spend on commercials or voter drives)

Building Trade unions:
Dems $3,513,050
Reps $397,500
Ind $6,000

Industrial unions:
Dems $1,882,366
Reps $48,300
Ind $-10,000

Even teachers unions get into this:

Dems $128,800
Reps $12,000

Okay – final time – party of unions – Democrats/Socialists – no more lying about it, no more camoflage – there it is. Period.

But, I bet you think the health care industry is fighting the Dems by funding the Reps – right?

Dems $5,372,538
Reps $2,744,627
Ind $22,350

Um, no.

In fact, if it wasn’t a Republican PAC specifically, the Dems received more money in almost every category I looked up.

I know – how about those “billions” spent by the evil pharmaceuticals? The ones the republicans get TONS of money from?

Dems: $925,022
Reps: $601,800
Ind: $1,000

Hmmm. Nope. Not that one either!

How about lawyers? Why can’t we get reform of the legal system to lower medical costs by capping the amount of “pain and suffering” that can be awarded in a lawsuit? Why can’t we effect a “loser pays” system, which would reduce the amount of frivilous lawsuits by millions if not billions? You know, free up the docket for cases that are necessary? Make sure that if you sue and lose, you pay the other person’s legal fees?

Let’s see:
Dems $8,404,685
Reps $1,831,443
Ind $19,400

Hmmm. I wonder why we can’t get help in this arena.

I wonder if any of the people (read health care) would like their money back since most of the people who got paid voted the wrong way.

I got it – how about special interest/ single issue –

Dems $5,250,760
Reps $1,389,029
Ind $-5,000

OK – that’s not it. Oh – wait- the billions spent by the NRA and gun industry, right?

Dems $13,150
Reps $45,150
Ind $0

Oops – you caught me. But, you do realize that’s 58,300.00 total? A FRACTION of what most industries paid the Dems, right?

Hmmm… got it – the millions upon millions heaped upon the Repubs by the anti abortionists?

Dems $0
Reps $3,800
Ind $0

How about pro choice?

Dems $21,785
Reps $5,000
Ind $0

Wait – I got it – how about Pro Isreal?

Dems $70,422
Reps $40,300
Ind $0

Want some really interesting information?:

How did the TV/Movies/Music industry vote with their money in the last election cycle and how are they trending now?

Year   Rank    Total              Individuals     PACS                           Dems            Reps            Dem/Rep %

2010* 17 $2,036,211 $1,132,711 $903,500 N/A $1,427,304 $605,507 70% 30%
2008* 10 $48,093,020 $40,323,392 $7,769,628 N/A $37,519,496 $10,490,931 78% 22%

Noooooooo – I bet there isn’t a bias. Nononono.

Even things like agribusiness are almost equal, with a small split towards the majority, which would be expected.

I think this can be shown to debunk a lot of the lies coming from the left.

I will be also telling you folks in a later post how this breaks down among the top 20 people receiving donations.

I’d like to thank the Center for Responsive Politics for this information!

They have an entire database of information you won’t believe!

Scared Yet? You should be

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Historically – people don’t get this.

During Hitler’s Nazism (national SOCIALISM) reign, during Mussolini’s fascist reign, during Wilson’s Progressive (recognize that party name?) reign, during Bismarck’s reign, there was corporatism.

You can tell what is coming down the road – people don’t see this clearly, but it happens every time.

Corporations run to the government when they smell a government take over. Krupp did it in Germany twice (leading the way twice- but they all did it), as did the corporations in Italy and the US.

WalMart, GE (who just hired Mrs. Daschle) and others are flocking to the new Socialist banner. They are going to the new regime they see coming down the pike. They know that if the government takes over (Banks, insurance, car companies – don’t tell me government nationalization doesn’t happen – that’s a lie) they’ll be in deep doo doo if they don’t hop on board now.

The whole thing about Obama asking for a national security force (can you say Brownshirts a la Germany in the 1930’s) in Colorado (see video PROOF below) during his campaign for presidency is another step – and one that is being made into reality under Americorps and their umbrella.

Think we’re kidding? There are children being trained in uniforms, in military formations, standing at parade rest, attention and doing exercises like a military unit, chanting slogans – doesn’t that scare the crap out of you?

It’s not just us – let me assure you. Check out this Patriot – who also notices a funny thing about the color choices here.

They are making noises about guns again as well. Data privacy is going bye bye soon and the Fairness Doctrine isn’t dead.

The Communist Party is one with Unions, as per their own website. They believe that the government and the Constitution should be switched to a failed model. They want to unionize us all through EFCA. Why do you think the Communists support ALL of the “progessive” initiatives? Why do you think that the CPUSA is so hot about supporting Obama and the Socialist Congress. See this link – – notice the Progressive at the top? It is a Communist Party Newsletter associating THEMSELVES with the progressives – not me.

Are you scared yet? We all should be. It’s coming true.

There are so many books out about this – and we still let it happen.

People (read the MEDIA did) associated the folks who called this so long before it’s coming with “conspiracy nuts” or “black helicopter people”.

Beck has it right – if we don’t stop this politically, there is so much more coming down the pike that we NEED to prevent – it won’t help and it will do nothing but HARM this country to have another interal armed confrontation.

Glenn has spoken about moving beyond Tea Parties, blogs and such – help us help you do just that!

Call people – call businesses – use your phones, faxes and get active. Join the Logical Choice (link above). Boycott any company who chips in with the government. Boycott sponsors of socialist groups like unions, PACs, reps and senators who support socialist agendas, and tv and newspapers who don’t support REAL fairness.

If you don’t take a half hour a day to help us all out – you might just be reporting your calorie intakes, number of situps and religious beliefs to neighborhood monitors yet.

Don’t believe me?

Go ahead, take your chances.

Oh, have you gotten your new World Currency yet? Don’t scoff – they introduced this in Russia when Obama was visiting.

 The black helicopters aren’t an excuse to laugh at the paranoids anymore – the Global Governance is coming if we don’t stop it RIGHT NOW.

Read the quotes from people like Gore, Gordon, Shirac and others who all talk about “World Governance”.

Get active now – before it’s too late!

Feinstein, Durbin Going after Bush – Again!

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As Barack is so happy with saying, you won.

You might not want to do this divisive move Diane, Dick.

For us, on the conservative side, it just provides proof about the hate, vindictiveness, bile, ugliness and just plain partisan politics that you are espousing on the left.

You socialists can’t stop parading and waving your flags even when it bites you in the butt.

Truthfully, most conservatives won’t give a crud about you attacking a person who we consider a RINO anyway. His economics, for the MOST part, as you can see with many allied bills with Kennedy, Feinstein, etc. were very left leaning, big government, big spending. In other words, other than Iraq, he was more one of yours than one of ours.

Now, you want to go pound on him instead of healing and being a whole country fighting the worst economic times since the Depression?

Ok – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • You claim we’re racists when all you can do is bring up the race card in your politics.
  • You claim we’re bigots when you objectify people who aren’t straight or of the same sex and put them in categories to win votes, no matter the harm to the country.
  • You claim we hate Jews, Muslims, Islam, whatnot – when we are trying to fight for freedom of all religions in this country – including Christianity. Oh – and did we mention your abandonment of Isreal and their sovereignty?
  • You claim we are uneducated rednecks, but might you not want to be careful to irritate 40% of the population?
  • You claim we are fascists, when the historical roots of the democrats, third way, progressives, socialists, marxists, fascists are all from the SAME roots? Historically accurately? (might be why history is so poo pooed by the left)
  • You claim we are radicals when you are going by the Communist Party program
  • You claim we are radicals when you associate with left radicals yourself
  • You claim we are radicals when you are using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals” as a handbook
  • You claim we are hate mongers when leftists who come screaming on my website, for example, don’t speak about issues but just curse, call names, rant and rave about lies (like calling us nazis – you know – national SOCIALISTS) and try to drown out our speech simply because we differ in opinions
  • You are funding a Socialist, single party advocating group (Acorn) with BILLIONS in taxpayer funds hidden in bills
  • You think we’re so stupid to think that with the socialists controlling the banks, food, health care & energy we won’t think you’ll go after our religion, guns and property ownership – completing the communist manifesto planks

People – read this as just one attack after another to distract you from this list above. Don’t worry about it – let ’em do it and distract themselves. We’ll continue to organize and take Congress back in 2010. – Senate Democrat Suggests CIA Concealment Broke Law.

Continued Attacks Against Freedom

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Taxpayer slave

We are faced with new and dire crises almost daily.  Each and every one is carefully crafted to trick the American people into blindly handing over our Constitutional rights to the very thugs who manufactured them.  If you look at the bills and issues before Congress, it is frightening to contemplate how close we’ve come to the end of America as we know it.

  • Cap and Trade
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Cyber Security Act of 2009
  • Confirmation of Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice

Each of these is a direct and very real threat to our Freedom and our rights as spelled out in the Constitution.

Cap and Trade is designed to collapse the economy deliberately under the false pretenses of Global Warming.  So far there is a petition circulating objecting to this onerous bill with the signatures of more than 31,000 scientists, 9000 of who are PhD’s.  The proponents of this bill ignore the arguments that claim there is nothing that supports that Global Warming is more than the regular, normal periods of warming and cooling that have always occurred. Through the excessive tax burden that will be imposed, they will control every aspect of our daily lives.

Healthcare Reform is another way to control both the medical industry as well as the people.  Their plan is modeled after one that includes rationed care and denial of services for people who are deemed it isn’t worth the investment.  You can be certain that Congress and the Unions will be exempted from this plan. Don’t worry, if you like your plan…fugeddaboudit.

The Fairness Doctrine is a direct attack of your right to free speech.  If they are successful in resurrecting this unconstitutional law, it will become a crime to disagree with the government.  It is a way to be able to regulate the Internet.  If they can’t limit what you hear of the dissenting point of view, they can manipulate you into believing, falsely, that there is nothing to worry about.

The CyberSecurity Act of 2009 is another excuse to lock down your freedom of speech even more.

“Obama’s announcement of the new cybersecurity grid dovetails with a recently introduced Senate bill, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, that would hand the president the power to shut down the entire Internet in the event of a “cybersecurity” crisis.”  (

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives every citizen the right to free speech.  It goes farther than just that; it prohibits Congress from abridging that right.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

With the stroke of a pen, the President will sign away our rights as lawful citizens of the United States of America.  If We The People don’t wake up and stand up for these rights, they will be gone forever.  If We The People don’t act now, it will take more than peaceable demonstrations to undo the aggressions against the citizens of our great nation.  It’s easy to say that someone ought to do something about this.  Know this, that someone is you.  If you aren’t willing to stand up against the threat of Socialism, Fascism, Marxism or Communism, who’s going to do it for you.  There are many just like you who want to say “Oh NO You Don’t” to the “Yes We Can” crowd.  Don’t wait, do it now.