We need a new contract FROM America to the government since they seem to be unable to remember they are our representatives – and not a specious one with hard to understand goals, but one that will allow Americans to succeed and is easy to comprehend.

We need to focus on economy and returning the power to the states and localities. We need to curtail and shrink the size of the federal government.

Simply put – the more money that is in private hands the better the economy is and faster it will grow. The more the economy grows, the more we all benefit.

The less we keep money from getting to a central, federal level where it loses .76 of every dollar – the better services we could offer people at a better cost.

There is better accountability at the local levels as well – who wants to really screw around with your own neighbors. Easier to tax people from across the country.

The question has to be asked: Why is it people in Virginia have to pay for federally funded programs in California that don’t have anything to do with national interests? How does a train from CA to NV do anything for national interests?

If it doesn’t – should people around the country have to pay for it?

This contract should work on this problem, taxation, spending, decentralizing, limiting power and getting government out of people’s hair. Transparency should also be an immediate issue as each party promises it, but almost never delivers.

Some of the basic steps should be:

  1. Implement the fair tax immediately on the federal level (states will follow the example hopefully)
  2. Dump any federal income and withholding taxes – especially since withholding allows government to hide how much each person is paying
  3. Immediate ILLEGAL immigration prevention countermeasures
  4. Immediate freeze on federal spending for 5 years at 2008 levels
  5. Immediate implementation of  zero baseline budgeting
  6. After 1st year of freeze – immediate all dept cut of 1% each year for 10 years
  7. Use of closed military bases as low cost housing for unemployed/low income families – run by states
  8. Immediate cessation of ban on nuclear fuel recycling
  9. Immediate fasttracking of oil and nuclear infrastructure development
  10. Immediate deployment of vouchers for private schooling choice for all Americans with children
  11. Immediate retraction of nationalization or socialization of any company or US government involvement in US private sector
  12. Immediate Tort Refom – caps on fiscal rewards for lawsuits and caps on fees paid to lawyers (similar to SS suit caps) which will lower all health companies costs by a large percentage due to much lower insurance costs lowering costs to reasonable levels to patients everywhere
  13. Immediate Tort Reform – Lost or determined to be frivolous lawsuits must have court costs paid by losing side to keep people from suing companies out of business for just any personal reason
  14. All parts of this contract to be passed with riders that will prevent them being overturned by less than a 75% majority in both houses

If you all have any other questions please write comments for us.

If you support the contract – please send it to papers, radio shows, representatives, senators and governors.

It’s time to breathe life back into this party. Let’s take the steps now – it isn’t too early to pin people down as future representative candidates.

Please help us help everyone!


19 Responses

  1. Sounds like a winner to me.

  2. I agree 100% with 1 – 6,8, 9, and 11.

    Number 7 – How will that be payed for?

    I think 12 and 13 are too narrowly focused on a small segment of the population, that there are probably better ways to address TORT reform.

    Number 10, Looks good on paper, but one of the benefits of private schools is the small class size. If we issue vouchers, the population of the private schools will increase and the result being more failing schools. My suggestion is let actual TEACHERS run the Department of Education, if not altogether eliminate it.

    I’m not a Constitutional Scholar, but the majority of the rules about the passage of bills are written into the Constitution. Number 14 would require a Constitutional Amendment.

    I hope you do not think my comments are too harsh for that is not my intent. Otherwise, there are a lot of great ideas you have presented here.

    • 7 would be paid for with the same funds that work for low income housing – but the nice thing about bases is the built in supermarkets, pxes, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

      Plus, with the reduction in fed government, spending etc, as well as the GDP boost from the fairtax that people are predicting to be double digit for some time into the future even on the state levels, the payment won’t be much of a problem and this will most likely be an emergency measure along with adult retraining for new job skills – there won’t be as much unemployment with this plan – not by far

      12 – 13 One of the MAJOR reasons health care costs are running out of control – it is all about insurance these people have to have on EACH level of every piece and part of a medical clinic – this would save normal people a huge amount of money on medical costs allowing more people to afford insurance. Dropping the number of uninsured people being paid for by insured people would also have an effect on the costs of health care – viola – no nationalized health care but most people insured. I challenge you to talk to your different doctors and find out how much they pay monthly then multiply that times every piece of equipment that they have to pay for. So a tongue depressor company pays a large chunk that gets passed to the doctor then on to us. Keep adding every single piece and see how the costs are mounting.

      10 – people don’t have to go to private schools, and if the class sizes reduce in public schools that would be good as well.

      Class discipline would be better in private schools.

      Let’s face it, more people would be opening private schools due to demand as well. That’s the coolest thing about capitalism – supply and demand. Best to make this change now with class sizes on the decrease for the next several years

      14 – I understand what you say, but truthfully let’s hit this one square to the face. In the late 80’s, Reagan got a new flat tax passed with much lower levels of taxation. Revenues soared with almost no loopholes that I remember and great growth. Was a great system – but once Congress got a hold of it – they changed the system over 16000 times since then.

      We need to protect ourselves from having the same kind of thing happen to the safeguards we need to put into effect. If we don’t cover our backsides, they’ll just go right back to the way they do business now.

      What might you suggest to keep them from doing what they do best – break what isn’t broken and killing what works well with great intentions by people who microsurgically take apart a system that works. You know – pick on one or two items that they don’t like and nitpick them to death until a piece gets taken out that makes the whole structure unwieldy or add a ton of stuff that bogs down or screws up the system.

      I don’t think your comments were too rough and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you 🙂 Please come back and chip in on other issues!

    • I’m in agreemenet w/BeenTricked

    • It’s not the population of the schools that makes them bad. It’s what they are taught and the lack of discipline. I have four children and we’ve tried public schools, homeschooling and private schools. What makes private schools succeed is the focus on core curriculum and discipline, something that is also achieved in homeschooling. Too many people see parents and God as the enemy. That’s the biggest failure of the public school system.

  3. I am ready, I want my Country back for my sons future

  4. Regarding #13, the loser-pays system has been successfully implemented in Great Britain to help curb the number of frivolous lawsuits.

    Groups like the ACLU cannot survive very well over there. We should be using it here.

    • Agreed – at that implementation, people would stop suing people in their neighborhoods for bouncing a basketball or other silly things like that.

      People have gotten sue happy. The majority of Americans are not happy with this practice of being able to sue frivolously to damage companies or people. This would also help the courts work better by keeping the dockets clearer and cut back on costs for companies – thus passing a savings on to consumers

      People will say “sure the companies will keep the profits” but really – what ends up happening in a free market is that one company will make a move to lower prices to capture market share and then the price war is on.

      It happens to this day in business every day.

  5. I agree, this nation definitely needs change.

    As for the Tort Reform, they have something similar to that in PA, the loser pays ALL the legal bills.

    • Has it made a difference? I would really like data on this because as you can see some resistance exists for some reason.

      I would be really grateful for any info!

      • I’m not sure. I lived there for only 5 years, and just heard about it. I do know that I was sued, and lost, and I had to pay all the other person’s legal fees.

  6. 2-we need an amendment to the constitution banning the fed from collect tax on income, gifts, or inheiritance. don’t leave it open for future admin to levy new income tax in addition to the fair tax.
    7-closed military bases should be given to the state to do with as they wish. no fed spending.
    10-require all schools receiving fed funds to allow jROTC and recruitment (8th – 12th).
    15-appoint a commision on government waste to evaluate all agencies, eliminate redundant agencies.
    16-cede all federal parks back to states

  7. Not bad but #4 should be somewhere around yr 1999/2000 levels. SHRINK the gov’t down to size. Also kill of the Federal Reserve. Other than that pretty good.

    • I agree we need to shrink it – but let’s be a bit more realistic to allow people to vote for it

      Zero baseline budgeting means that the automatic 10% raise in the budget each year doesn’t happen – they start at 0% and have to vote for raises on each budget

      Second – I implement a 1% cut each year for 10 years which will cut a handleable amount off each dept without killing off programs people need or cutting too much for each dept.

      I would love to shrink the gov back to 1970 levels to be blunt – but to do that would entail cutting so much that people would throw up their hands and run – even conserv.

      Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you stopping by!

  8. I would love to wake up tomorrow morning and have all of these in place. Great job!

  9. I have a deep concern and have for quite some time about our cause becoming fragmented. Too many are trying to organize under differentnames, web sites, blogs, and forums.

    We all primarily want the same thing for our country. If we could find a way to all come together at some point in time our numbers would be inspiring. All the entities could keep the same identification they currently have, but there would be one common tie that joined us all.

    Here is a tweet I posted to give you an example:

    A Bold Step Back Great opportunity 2 share your thoughts and support what this country needs #tcot

    Let me know what you think.

  10. Amen! this country is heading in a very bad direction. We must regain sanity.

    I agree with Ron Teidel there are too many fragmented groups who all want the same things. We must unite.

  11. Sadly, the original contract with America known as the Constitution seems to have been set afire in the waste basket of the White House. Many good points on your plan to discuss. The demons of liberalism have been unleashed upon our country. Who you gonna’ call? Left-Busters.

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