Shut up Shep – You Sound as Strident as You Accuse Bloggers of Being!

Well now.

I used to think there was free speech in this country. Even when there is anger involved as long as it doesn’t involve threats or harm to someone.

Unless you are Shepard Smith. He doesn’t like people getting angry at the government or what he calls ridiculous things.

Shepard Smith notwithstanding, there is a lot of very logical, well reasoned anger going on in this country.

Personally, Mr. Smith, if you are just scanning the blogsites, maybe you want to take the time to stop and read them a little deeper before judging people like you don’t want to be judged.

I used to watch Shepard, but frankly, with the rant that he just went off with on Fox, and his idea that we are all over the top out here in blog land really makes me scratch my head and want to spend my time elsewhere.

Usually I enjoy his biting repartee.


If you think that a birth certificate being asked for by people who want to make sure the person who is elected is Constitutionally legal to take that office is ridiculous, I have to worry about you.

If you think that the anger that is going on in this country is something odd, radical or ignorant, you can go stand in the corner with Garafolo and Olbermann, who you quite frankly resembled in the last couple of rants you let loose with.

If you want to justify the ignorance that the left is spouting by using FoxNews as a stage for some personal agenda (like the fact you don’t like the reaction to things you are saying), and attacking people emailing you then you need to mosey on over to the vomit channel of MSNBC or the Communist News Network.

I am sure Contessa would welcome you next to her the next time someone gets a little rambuncuous with her and says things that she doesn’t agree with. Maybe, like Contessa’s “kill the mike” routine, you should just flush the email accounts.

There is nothing frightening about dissenting opinions. I let them on here. I don’t censor them.

What is frightening is a “reporter” who tries to tell me what to believe, say and how to say it to match up to what HE expects.

Otherwise I am frightening to you. Of course – I disagree with you.

Maybe I do so passionately at times. Like you on torture. Hm? Forget that frightening moment when you almost broke the table (and had a little oopsie)? Or today when you almost put your finger through your screen?

I hear there may be an opening on the new FCC Fairness Council for someone with your qualifications.

Have a great day Shep.



7 Responses

  1. […] Shut up Shep – You Sound as Strident as You Accuse Bloggers of Being! […]

  2. Shut up Shep – this says it all! I’m a former ShepShow @ 2 & 6 p.m.(CST) watcher but the spectacle he made of himself yesterday finished it for me!
    Happy Trails to you…..

  3. Conservatives have a right to speak out and demand that we have proof that our President is actually eligible to be President-Or were the Dems just snookered? Probably!! They get taken in easily. We have a right to free speech or does Shep only think that applies to the Left. We need to flood Shep with emails expressing our anger over him calling us a bunch of crazies!!! We need to continue this until he apologizes. Shep needs to shut up!!!

  4. Geez, Shep, this is it for me. Almost quite watching your show a while back. Biee Sheppy!

  5. oops “almost quit” See what ya do Shep. ;-(

  6. he is just bitter because he is in the closet.

  7. We should flood Fox with emails, screw Shep. I am also sick of pathetic Bill O’reilly whining constantly about being misunderstood and dragging all of us into his into his personal squabbles with Libs when as with Shep he isn’t willing to stand up for us. If it was a conservative who went off the rails he would have called them onto his shows and given them a good talking to! Sheperd is like most libs a spoiled stupid child and everyone treats him like it cute and its not. We are the ones that have stuck by that station and make up the core audience so how dare that little SOB point his fingers in our faces! He owes us an apology! So, what do we do about it?

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