Shep Smith and his soon to be new teammate on MSNBC

Contessa Brewer at work:

Shep at work 1 (cursing – warning):

Shep at work 2:

He does this far more than I realized.

What the heck do you mean by “bring out the guns”? I personally have advocated nothing more than the defense of rights in this country by nothing other than legal and legitimate means brought about by the voters.

Radical? No
Bringing out my guns? No
Slapping my table? No
Poking my monitor? No
Screaming on TV? No
Cursing on TV? No
Yelling to tell people to shut up? No

I don’t think I’m all that radical. Maybe you aren’t being the logical, disassociated, distant,  judicious person you are trying to pretend to be. Maybe you ought to go look at some of your more interesting moments on YouTube and realize your comments and treatment of viewers or people’s viewpoints might be spurring on some of your worst commentors.

Either realize you are causing some of your own issues, because your words, anger, rants, slams and curses do have consequences as do words that you resent coming from other people, or admit that you do this to get ratings and quit ranting against the people who are watching you (thus supporting your ratings)  and exercise the delete key.

I saw two different instances for example – 1 dem, 1 repub that you ranted for the exact same thing – saying something that just simply annoyed you.

Treat it like spam and flush it. I don’t care about that.

When you start attacking blogsites like the one I have started because you disagree with my anger, you sir can go play on MSNBC.

I won’t watch you anymore and that surely means you’ll fit in with Contessa and her low ratings on that great channel. Or most of the “reporters” on that channel living in the basement.

Enjoy the capitalist, free market system. I can tell you that most of the conservatives on the web are very aware of all the vitriol you and your guest directed towards us in your show, and the free market system may just make you realize how wrong you are.

Quit being an elitist commentator telling me how to feel and go back to lampooning stupid government tricks.

It’s what got me liking you in the first place.



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