This is the page where I am going to talk about some of the goals we have in establishing DirtyRottenScoundrels and how we can help each other in reaching our goals.

It has recently been brought to our attention by some of the comments that there are people who are worried about the fact that things seem scattered on the right.

We agree, but at the same time, we don’t see something that is worth worrying about. We all seem to be striving to the same goal and that is the legal, legitimate overthrow of the wastoids in Congress in 2010 and the same thing to Barack Obama in 2012.

The dishonesty that we have been seeing on both sides of the aisle, and the ultimate power grabbing witnessed in both parties has to come to an end. What the people of this country seem to be set on is the movement towards “me tooism” or the acquisition of as much pork as possible from the Federal Government to your particular district.


Why in the world are we fighting to get someone in a national congress to get us .26 out of every dollar to a project back at our home district when monies taxed locally or bonds created and managed locally could be ever so much more efficiently run at a lower cost?

So – once again – what are we looking for? Our money to go from, let’s say from Virginia to the Federal Government where they can syphon off 3/4 of the dollars before sending it to a program in California?

That is what you all keep voting on. That is the message we are sending to the Congress.

“But if we don’t send someone up who’ll bring the pork home, someone else will get our money”

Yep. But truly, if you want the problems in this country fixed, you have to be willing to talk to your representatives to tell them that the status quo is broken, we’re broke and we can’t keep spending and taxing at these levels.

Folks – we are currently budgeting at almost 25% of our national GDP. Usually (like this year) we have to have additional appropriations (like the 400+ billion this year after the stimulus plan was passed) which pushes that percentage even higher.

If we start taxing to solve the problems with healthcare, the non existant global warming (snow in Montana in June this year), social security, medicare, medicaid, etc. – what level do you think we are going to end up at?

Say the European 40%?  PLUS state and local taxes?  God help us if they pass the VAT on top of the income and withholding. We’ll probably be well over 65-70% taxation by the end of it with the government doling out the money how THEY see fit instead of you spending the money you earn on what you need.

So – how do we fight this?

Social networking

We are going to have to re-engineer our thinking folks. We have been busy working and earning money and then we dedicate our time to helping others, going to church, etc.

We are going to have to take the time to join social networking groups. Follow people who are trying to get the word out – certain nexuses of information you might say – and push their voice up ever farther so they can send the word out farther.

Subscribe to blogs, email blog links to your family and friends and ask them to RSS certain blogs. They are free – no skin off anyone’s nose, but it helps get the word spread farther, faster.

I don’t have any charges on my site – and I don’t push a product of any kind. All I ask if if you like our message here, spread it on. Before you forget, send an email to your usual mailing list with a link to a particular site out from another tab. Try making sure that if you see a site you like, send it to 5 people and ask them to do the same.

If there are any famous people who read this, take a little time to have a blog of the week or some such where you advise your thousands or millions to search out that particular site and read their writers. It doesn’t cost you but 10 seconds but spreads the conservative wave out and helps this alternative media grow in case the Dems are successful at silencing you, or quieting you to some degree.

Volunteer to write an article every week or two. If you’re nervous about it, we can put you on as a contributor and I can review it for errors before posting.

Comment and vote on the blog sites. The more traffic a site is seen to have, the more times it is searched out or linked to, the more it pushes the popularity of it in search engines. Let the people of the blogs know you’re there – even a “hell yeah” is better than seeing 7000 hits and 10 comments.

Also, if you have web sites, link us. If you have read us and agree with us, you know we’re not embarrassing you.

If you find someone you like on Twitter, for example, find out if they are on any other sites – ask them. I am on 20+ social networking sites and I will post a page with all of my links for people to find me.

We will shortly be putting together a fairly comprehensive form (shortly as in several weeks) that we will be putting online for people to download and email to their congresspeople with our email address for the return address. We want to pin down people who are running for office and help you keep them honest. Please send us any questions you might have on political issues.

If you have any other ideas for us, please let us know – we’ll be glad to help. Sherri and myself have to admit that while we voted in the last election, we were part of the apathetic problem. We didn’t get out there and fight in the trenches with our candidates.

And frankly, the other side did. They didn’t get tired, they didn’t let work stop them. They ran purely on emotion and ran us over.

In order to reverse this, we don’t have to do anything so frothing at the mouth, but a good, logical bunch of people who are geared to fight and are slowly relentless on moving forward with the goal of reversing that abomination that we saw pass to spend 1.2 trillion without being read can push the tide back.

When you see good articles come through on Twitter  – RT them. If you find a good site, forward the address. If you have the time, help us write about topics. If you have the time and energy, join local groups.

This is more important than just about anything other than breathing, which damn well may be taxed if we don’t start NOW and fight this NOW.

I can tell you – we are not in it for the money. Every bit of writing on here has been done on a voluntary “We Love Our Country and Don’t Want to See This Happen To It” basis. We don’t and haven’t asked for anything but a few keystrokes to help us spread the conservative word. I’m not in it for the ego boost of a few more views, nor do I really care if I surpass Ashton Kuchar in followers on Twitter.

I want to help us all get out from under this socialistic nightmare that, unfortunately, most of us didn’t do enough to stop. We’re seeing the results from Bush and Obama – both liberals by any other name, and quite frankly, we can’t take another 4 years of this.

Help us!

Give us a shout with questions or help!

6 Responses

  1. You know I’m really proud of what you are doing with this website. Frankly, I’m perfectly okay if you find a way to draw income off of donations to the website…your work is more than worth it and it has been a blessing for me to reach a larger audience with your help. If it’s okay with you, I’d be honored to contribute book reviews of the books I’ve read in the last year or so. I think I can save people time and bring visibility to writers and scholars who have helped wake me up to the terrible realities of our time. Regards, JCD

    • JCD –

      I appreciate your support, your help and your friendship on here. I thank you for saying what you do, but truly I do this out of the love of my country and the desire to make a difference that can help the most people.

      While we may open a new site once we get done with the list of questions for the Congressional Candidates and Incumbents and need money at that time to hire someone to do the work on the site because I haven’t worked with a database before like that, I really don’t look to turn any kind of profit.

      I can’t fight for my country anymore because I got hurt while I was in the service and quite frankly because somehow or another I got old and fat.

      However – THIS is something I can do – the exchange of ideals and dialogue and education of people – THAT I am capable of.

      So – I appreciate it, but I really want people to come here for one thing – good ideas.

      Thanks for saying that my work was worth it – that was a nice warm feeling! It makes every typo worth it 🙂

  2. I urge you to add our group to your list and to visit the website, read and sign the petition. Then follow directions where to mail. We are a group of dedicated citizens trying to make our Local, State and Federal government be accountable and to follow the constitution.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. I’m with you. I’m on twitter and will direct traffic to your site. When I get my site up, maybe you’ll do the same.

  4. I’m on twitter, I’m with you and will point to your site

  5. I linked up to you and is is my grass root Conservative group

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