Scared Yet? You should be

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Historically – people don’t get this.

During Hitler’s Nazism (national SOCIALISM) reign, during Mussolini’s fascist reign, during Wilson’s Progressive (recognize that party name?) reign, during Bismarck’s reign, there was corporatism.

You can tell what is coming down the road – people don’t see this clearly, but it happens every time.

Corporations run to the government when they smell a government take over. Krupp did it in Germany twice (leading the way twice- but they all did it), as did the corporations in Italy and the US.

WalMart, GE (who just hired Mrs. Daschle) and others are flocking to the new Socialist banner. They are going to the new regime they see coming down the pike. They know that if the government takes over (Banks, insurance, car companies – don’t tell me government nationalization doesn’t happen – that’s a lie) they’ll be in deep doo doo if they don’t hop on board now.

The whole thing about Obama asking for a national security force (can you say Brownshirts a la Germany in the 1930’s) in Colorado (see video PROOF below) during his campaign for presidency is another step – and one that is being made into reality under Americorps and their umbrella.

Think we’re kidding? There are children being trained in uniforms, in military formations, standing at parade rest, attention and doing exercises like a military unit, chanting slogans – doesn’t that scare the crap out of you?

It’s not just us – let me assure you. Check out this Patriot – who also notices a funny thing about the color choices here.

They are making noises about guns again as well. Data privacy is going bye bye soon and the Fairness Doctrine isn’t dead.

The Communist Party is one with Unions, as per their own website. They believe that the government and the Constitution should be switched to a failed model. They want to unionize us all through EFCA. Why do you think the Communists support ALL of the “progessive” initiatives? Why do you think that the CPUSA is so hot about supporting Obama and the Socialist Congress. See this link – – notice the Progressive at the top? It is a Communist Party Newsletter associating THEMSELVES with the progressives – not me.

Are you scared yet? We all should be. It’s coming true.

There are so many books out about this – and we still let it happen.

People (read the MEDIA did) associated the folks who called this so long before it’s coming with “conspiracy nuts” or “black helicopter people”.

Beck has it right – if we don’t stop this politically, there is so much more coming down the pike that we NEED to prevent – it won’t help and it will do nothing but HARM this country to have another interal armed confrontation.

Glenn has spoken about moving beyond Tea Parties, blogs and such – help us help you do just that!

Call people – call businesses – use your phones, faxes and get active. Join the Logical Choice (link above). Boycott any company who chips in with the government. Boycott sponsors of socialist groups like unions, PACs, reps and senators who support socialist agendas, and tv and newspapers who don’t support REAL fairness.

If you don’t take a half hour a day to help us all out – you might just be reporting your calorie intakes, number of situps and religious beliefs to neighborhood monitors yet.

Don’t believe me?

Go ahead, take your chances.

Oh, have you gotten your new World Currency yet? Don’t scoff – they introduced this in Russia when Obama was visiting.

 The black helicopters aren’t an excuse to laugh at the paranoids anymore – the Global Governance is coming if we don’t stop it RIGHT NOW.

Read the quotes from people like Gore, Gordon, Shirac and others who all talk about “World Governance”.

Get active now – before it’s too late!


7 Responses

  1. Sadly, it is so true. The blindness of the rest of America is horrifying.

    • Awwwww…..”sadly, it is so true. The blindness of the rest of America….” yada yada yada.

      I have had it up to my freedom-loving eyeballs with people like this and all the rest of the pitiful net “warriors” who whine and screech stupid phrases (“WAKE UP AMERICA) like a bunch of whiney liberals.

      Have I missed it or have any of you EVER gotten off your a$$e$ to actually talk to your neighbors or strangers at the malls???? Or just talked to ANYONE other than the CHOIR you continue preaching AT.

      If you have joined others of us who spend evenings and weekends at county fairs, main streets in small towns, parking lots OR WHEREVER PEOPLE CONGREGATE TO HELP THEM KNOW THE TRUTH….well, if you ARE DOING these things…then I apologize for attacking you. And I thank you for having the courage it takes to get off the couch and get out there and talk to people.



  2. Great column…another ACTIVE group:

    Let’s roll.

  3. Isn’t it funny how the people who are just going along with this garbage…following like lambs to the slaughter…get in SUCH a snit when you mention Socialism. Me thinks they dost protest too much.

    Good blog.

  4. Absolutely brilliant! And unfortunately…so, so true! Great stuff!


  5. I’m new here, but I will be recommending your blog to others. My question is: what should one do when one finds out that one of BHO’s “youth camps” is now in one’s home town?

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