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Get off the sideline and help us fight:
Just send us your first name to let us know you want to join our free Conservative Action Group
It is with a great level of excitement to announce the Alliance between and The Logical Choice Action Group in pursuit of our mutual goal of stopping the spread of Socialism.
We are proud to join the resources of both web sites and groups – one for great blogging and ideals and the other for the same ideals, activism and fighting the groups arrayed against us instead of allowing the opposition voice to be the only one heard.
We are allied in our simple message we believe will bring our country back from the brink of madness, fiscal irreponsibility, a government not listening to the majority and rife with corruption and scandals.
The simple goal of The Logical Choice is to provide a calendar, communications and activism planning central hub for the thousands of groups, blogs, tea parties, etc to join together in one overwhelming voice instead of tens of thousands disparate voices. We simply want to be the activism arm for each individual and small group that can’t do it all by themselves.
To join a great web site, check out the terrific folks at – great writers and better people!
Anyone who would like to join the fight, for free, The Logical Choice Action Group should see us at our temporary home at or you can just email your first name to


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