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Get off the sideline and help us fight this:
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At least it’s better late than never.

People need to continue to wake up, realize this fight is just starting, and continue the pressure on their reps and senators.

The people are starting to realize that they boo booed. The Democrats may be the party of change, but, my friends, people are also starting to realize that change for the sake of moving to a socialistic model isn’t a good choice.

Capitalism is at stake, free enterprise, freedom and the right to keep your religious, sexual and political beliefs are being threatened and America’s blueprint is being overwhelmed by people who don’t respect it.

In the linked article, you’ll see some very encouraging news.

I ask one big favor – don’t sit back and go – “good – we’re all done then”. This is a fight that if we don’t fight, our children may indeed be living in a brave new world. This is what we have always done, it hasn’t worked, and the radicals on the left don’t ever stop.

We can’t stop anymore either. The list I have up on another article may be an interpretation of Communist Party Goals instead of a real document, but when looking at the current Communist Party site, they are still planning to undermine what the majority of people in this country truly want.

If you have the guts, check out their site and read their “plan” that is linked on the right upper side of the page, or better yet, look at their Youth League. They are still so far in the past they call the business models of today monopolies which went out in the first decade of the last century.

But the fight is not over. Nor, until we overcome them and make changes back away from their plans will we be safe.

Please join us in this fight.

Enjoy the Rasmussen Reports – it is really good news 🙂


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