More hidden money funneled to Acorn in Cap & Trade Bill

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Thanks so very much to Jamie Dupree for this information – awesome job man – please don’t stop!


There is a lot more information being found out about in the cap and trade bill, which is turning out to be more of a nightmare that you or I might have thought back in January.

Jamie Dupree who works with Neal Boortz is the man with the plan on this bill – he is tracking down all sorts of weird, wild and whacked out stuff that you have to read to believe.

Think that the billions already going to Acorn is all that they are getting?

Think again. I’ve heard rumors, though I haven’t personally seen the articles YET that confirm that Bawney Fwank is trying to send another 1.5 billion to them.

That’s not all.

Jamie Dupree found this in the Crap and Paid bill:

“The American people will see tax dollars go to so-called community development organizations like ACORN, to teach low-income residents how to live in accord with the worldview of the Environmental Left,” scowled a news release yesterday from Congressional critics of the Cap and Trade bill.

Sure enough, there are 19 mentions of the term “community development” in the bill, but nothing specific about ACORN.

Sec. 264 of the bill is on “Low Income Community Energy Efficiency Program,” which says the feds will dole out grant money to community development organizations “to provide financing to businesses and projects that improve energy efficiency” for low-income residents.

On page 561, the bill authorizes $50 million per year for six fiscal years, so that’s $300 million in all for these kind of programs.

“I just want to know if ACORN would qualify for these grants,” said House GOP Leader John Boehner, who was the only Republican to note the ACORN issue during debate on the House floor.

Can’t you see what is happening here?

Just like the EFCA and union memberships (read DUES to help elect Dem candidates) to bolster the Dems political causes, ACORN is being funneled money to help one party and one party only.

This group isn’t a fair minded community activist set up. They can’t name one Republican they have attempted to get into office.

Now we have a group out there who is receiving BILLIONS in funds from taxpayers to CAMPAIGN for one party.

This isn’t a voluntary fund like on your tax forms. This isn’t donations. Money from my wallet is going to help hire homeless people to protest to pass things in Congress they don’t even know what they are.

This is criminal.

This requires investigation.

Oops – that’s right – the IGs are getting fired and replaced left and right. Why? They look too closely?

This is criminal. I’ll repeat this over and over. What is happening is cronyism and machine politics.

The worst part, folks, is that they aren’t telling the truth about it openly, and they’re taking these falsehoods worldwide trying to get an internationalist marxist message across where people have tried it and failed, or who just don’t want it.

When is someone who has the financial ability going to take on Acorn in a court of law? When is some right minded lawyer going to seek an injunction for these funds being paid out illegally to promote one party politics?

When are the people going to join us in a new effort to link our voices together to stop this madness before it is too late?

Please email us at with just a few items of information if you wish to join our group, the Logical Choice, and help us start a viral electronic campaign of emails, social media, telephone calls and conversations to raise a wall of force that Acorn can’t sway?

We need you now. We are building an activist arm to rival the one the left laughingly calls non partisan community activism to get out the vote.

That’s why they are at over 150+ senators local offices protesting FOR Democrat sponsored bills in Congress?

Interesting isn’t it?

Please join your voice to ours – 

If you belong to a group, please help us let them know all we want to be is the conservatives activism arm. We aren’t looking to challenge bloggers or group leaders sovereignty – just do the activism so they can keep doing what they do best.

Tea Parties, Fair Tax, Ron Paul, Libertarians, Conservatives who aren’t Repubs – you think that divided ANY of our voices will get heard? Look at what happened to Ron Paul’s bill to audit the fed.

If we merge – we can win. We know we can. We need to get out our vote, petition employeers for time off to vote, we need to counter protest, guard precincts, make sure that we catch ACORN when they hire people to represent causes for a few bucks, not even knowing what they are in it for on film.

We need to film our different groups conserv ideals and get the ideals out in mass media as much as humanly possible.

We don’t want to nullify – we want to unify all our voices for calls to arms to answer the vagaries of the left and stop this insanity.

Conservative is Conservative. We need conservatives of whatever party in the Congress to give everyone a fair hearing on our side of the aisle for things we know to be right for this country.

Don’t let ego or apathy stop you now – we need your help so badly. Let’s put this together – this is one point competition doesn’t help us capitalists 🙂

Email us please – with your name, email and soc network ID that you like to be contacted on. We’ll send out updates and articles that are critical for you and us both.

Thanks so very much to Jamie Dupree for this information – awesome job man – please don’t stop!


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  1. Keep up the good work uncovering these dirtbags and their corruption!

  2. You have a nice site! Great information!

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