Barack – 2nd stimulus possible – Distorts truth about other options

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 Barack Obama has the gall to say the following:

“I don’t take anything off the table when unemployment is close to 10 percent and a lot of Americans are hurting out there,” Obama told FOX News Tuesday. 

The president also touted his programs that have allowed states to halt firings of teachers, police officers and firefighters. He said the projects that are toughest to start up, the infrastructure projects, should be pushed out by the end of the year. 

Obama has said that his domestic agenda, including an overhaul of the health system is key to getting the economy back on track, and he said those who criticized his first stimulus and the possibility of a second one don’t have a plan to offer themselves. 

“There are a whole bunch of critics out there who said we shouldn’t have any stimulus at all. And in fact, some of the same folks who are now saying, ‘Where are the jobs?’ don’t really have a recipe other than doing nothing for the economic circumstances that we’re in,” Obama told FOX News. 

Um, now that isn’t true, and the man has to know that. If he is stating that as fact, then he is lying. Period.

There were several options, including the idea of a 6 month tax holiday so we could all bring home EVERY penny we made. Can you imagine the stimulus to the economy if people could have brought home 787 billion more in 6 months? Couldn’t chance that though.

But, really, that would have been too easy. It also would have kept the Congress out of power and let the people know how good it felt to actually bring home their full pay check. God forbid that ever happens. That’s why they fight the fair tax so hard.

But now, Obama is talking about a 2nd stimulus, which according to polls a MAJORITY and a solid majority at that don’t want, trust or think we need.

They haven’t spent 5% of the first one and they think we need a 2nd one?

What is this other than another blatant attempt for the children to get a hold of mommy’s purse again?

This spending spree is being designed to do one thing. Destroy the United States, capitalism, free markets and chase everyone to Big Papa Government for help.

We have to stop this now. If we don’t put the fear of God into these reps about Health Care, Cap and Trade, EFCA and now another stimulus plan – we are seeing the end of what we hold dear.

The worst part is that many people don’t know what they’ll be missing until they actually lose it.


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