Senate might Mimic House and Post Their Office Expenses Online

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You know, I understand that our little wonderful person from the San Francisco area came up with this idea and that Sen. Coburn is mirroring it in the Senate.

I wouldn’t usually say something positive about Nancy’s ideas, but this one seems to have very little chance of backfiring, though I would love to have confimation on that from someone closer to the process.

Right now, what is being proposed in the House and Senate is tracking everything from expenditures to salaries online in the respective houses of Congress offices.

I wouldn’t normally think this is a good idea if this was to do the same thing to the private sector, and I want to make sure that it isn’t for exactly that purpose, but if no sneaky purposes are involved, this seems to be right up our alley.

This is just another set of data that our group can monitor to make sure the Congress isn’t getting out of control.

The one question I still have about this is the conference committee the House and Senate will have to have to pass this. They will have to come up with a compromise, and we will need to get info from someone inside to make sure there isn’t something being snuck in then.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Check out the article from Fox News for more info.

 Senate to Mimic House, Post Office Expenses Online – Political News –


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