Obama the First

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Well now, are we looking at a potential for King Obama I?

This Law Professor who has sworn to uphold the Constitution is going around it?

Who in the heck do you think you are Barack Obama? The checks and balances system in place in this country is to prevent potential potentates from seizing the reins like you seem to be attempting.

Executive orders are not for bypassing the Congress nor the Constitution.

I think, Mr. Obama, that you are getting ready to face an even larger uproar than you have heard so far. You assume much on yourself, power that isn’t your right. You don’t have the authority to grant such a treaty or even enforce the terms of it without approval.

You should have started in January to propose this instead of rushing through an ill conceived notion of stimulus that hasn’t been spent (as we predicted) and hasn’t helped (as we predicted) as well as the porkulus add on, health care, cap and trade and the new CAFE standards, all of which are designed to harm this country.

If you step across that line into power that is so clearly delineated to be Congressional, you should be charged in a court of law for that. For you to believe you have that level of a mandate, you should trust in your sycophants in the Senate to pass your treaty and not monkey around with the blueprint that helped this country to the level of success you seem to detest.

This is wrong, and even us uneducated, bigoted, homophobic, overweight, electricity using, limbic brain damaged right wing extreme terrorist whacko wingnuts have the common sense to see that is the case.

Pushing the envelope with a majority – politics.

Abridging your Constitutional powers – arrogance.




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