Logical Choice activism and advocacy group update

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Ok folks.

Here’s an update on the new group we’re starting – 

I met with several people yesterday who expressed belief that we can make this group work. We met with several people who also believed that we need to stop with the egos and unite under one umbrella to take on the liberal socialists.

We don’t want to run for office.

We don’t want to take over groups, blogs, tea parties, etc. We just want to unite them – everyone runs their own groups because they remain their own groups. We just unite under a message to get us all going in the right direction in order to defeat socialism, stop spending and engage in responsible debate over the smaller single issue goals that would divide us in an election cycle when we need our strength.

At least we’ll know that the people who unite under this will have two things in common – they agree and support the goals we all believe in as a conservative movement and that if they lie to us about it, there will be millions who will make them account for that very painfully by losing their seats in the next election.

We aren’t proposing a third party. We know that’s popular. We are proposing a conservative movement inside the party of Reagan to bring back the platform of Reagan that produced 3 landslides until Bush 1 swung away from that platform in his presidency to become more liberal. The ultra conservatism that everyone claims is dead is what won those three landslides and should easily be the blueprint of the future.

We simply want to present a message that all people and candidates can unite under and stop the “shotgun” approach. It divides the message and sets conservatives against conservatives and helps the liberals win.

Our goals:

  1. Unite people with 5-6 bullet points
  2. Move items that should be debated on state levels out of the Federal hands
  3. Be able to monitor candidates and elected officials on their promises and votes to hold them accountable after the election
  4. Fund candidates who endorse and share the group ideals
  5. Train candidates to handle media and liberal attack dogs – public speaking training
  6. Train candidates in aggressive tactics that enable them to face the attack dogs tactics instead of sitting there and taking it – studying opponent speeches and interview tactics
  7. Provide education and historical facts to regular people in regular language so people can educate themselves on the true functioning of government to expose bad programs and show that government isn’t confusing unless politicians make it that way to keep people from participating
  8. Help provide information and help for local candidates as well as state and national candidates in order to build a great “farm team” to move people up the ranks to be the next state and federal candidates
  9. We don’t want to just be a think tank – they are terrific – but we need more activism to counter Move On and Acorn in all their forms. We want to just get the thousands of bloggers and groups together so we can get a conservative message back into power, hold THOSE people accountable for doing what we want and be able to issue a call to arms for elections and events that will shape the elections to come. We don’t really have that in place now, and that is why we are having problems.

Between Acorn, Soros, the wealth on the left (and there are far more of those than they lead you to believe), Hollywood, athletes, newspapers, tv, lawyers and unions, we have a lot to overcome.

Please help us spread the news with 2 simple steps:

  1. Email our site link to people you know and talk about us – if you like our message, please help us spread it. RSS link to us so we can spend more time in activism and less having to push our message out. If people know folks who are influential in the conservative movement, please help us link up to them so we can help all of us.
  2. Help people find us on social networks, most especially on Twitter. If the 20 people who are writing on here can expand the number of conservatives and moderates our message can reach, we can spread our message faster. Follow us if you’re conservative and if you know other conservatives, encourage them to do this as well. We need to grow very large by December, and only you folks can help us do this if we all expect to make any difference in 2010.

Thanks for your help, and we all appreciate our friends and people who help us grow.

I appreciate all of the patience you can muster for all of the pushing of the message as well – I know it can get annoying, but we hope you’ll help us push it so we can educate the people who like to think of us as evil, racist, bigoted, homophobic rednecks because that’s all they ever hear from 98% of the media.

Hope your 4th was great! God Bless!


10 Responses

  1. Glad to help & do my small part. Being State Director Texas HQ of Americac2c, I will try to rearrange some more time to assist. Definitely, I will be spreading the word as I have been doing for a while now. Keep up the good fight!

  2. I believe it is “Soros” (but anyway you spell it= bad news!)

    • Hey – I appreciate it 🙂

      I am an uneducated, racist, bigoted, homophobic extremist right wing wingnut with limbic brain problems after all 🙂

      I’ll modify it because I know you are right 🙂 Thanks again for the catch!


  3. I love it!! You presented some great ideas and would love to be a part of this wonderful cause of uniting all conservatives.

  4. I completely agree with this. It’s what I think I have been looking for. Your stated principles are what I believe in. I was active in the McCain/Palin election so I will just continue. This is good and I very much want o be a part of this.

  5. Anything that helps candidates/people focus, to defeat the libs…count me in.
    Short story: I was a poll watcher this year & that was a real eye-opener for me. For one, at any given polling place I happened to be stationed, I was always the only conservative (watcher) there. Scary, but necessary, I can tell you. Now, my reason for mentioning this is that I speak to many cons/gop’s/libertar a/b becoming more involved in their local elections/polling places because the more conservatives working in those places (inside and out) i.e.-getting out/signing up the conservative vote locally/nationally,the better to defeat the libs with.
    ’nuff said.

  6. Great thing you’re doing will do all I can to spread the word

  7. I totally agree with this concept and would fully support the idea. As a 100% Conservative candidate in a TOTALLY Liberal and gerrymandered District to favor the current representative. That would be the 3rd Congressional District of Florida represented by Corrine Brown. (google the name, or Youtube search, and you will understand).

    Let me share what GOOD Conservatives are facing and you will understand WHAT you can do even more effectively. As a candidate, there is ONE thing that wins elections- MONEY. and lots of it when you are running against an embedded LIBERAL that doesn’t believe he/she can be beat. These are the candidates who need the MOST financial contributions as they MUST outspend their opponents to even think about winning. A proven fact- 98.4% of ALL races won are to the candidate with the most money spent for election…a VERY sad but true fact.

    When you volunteer, it takes people to organize everyone. It takes someone professional to do all of this. They SHOULD be paid for their efforts, organizational skills, and long hours working from daylight to well after dark.

    You need a Campaign manager, and they too, can make or break a campaign. Again, another salary to be paid. Along with office space, staff, computers, printers, yard signs to distribute, letters to mail, handouts, palm cards, etc. The money to pay for these isn’t growing on the “Obama tree of Wealth”, and it takes people to support the campaign to make it happen. It takes more than you can imagine to win as a CONSERVATIVE against the Liberals in power NOW.

    You can have the GREATEST most appealing message and one that will win, but UNLESS people HEAR IT, you may as well sit home and watch “Deal or No Deal”.

    Yet, people who WANT to be involved, have NO CLUE what it costs to run a U.S. House Campaign….try well OVER $1 million to even get close to being elected. Unless you can put the people in place to organize these volunteers, put them into the places needed and working for the campaign, and having the handouts, yard signs, etc., again, NOTHING is going to happen and NO CONSERVATIVES get elected!!

    Want to know WHAT is wrong with the Conservative “movement”??? PEOPLE WILL NOT GET OFF THEIR WALLETS and SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE!! Unless you do, then all the movements in the WORLD won’t make a bit of difference. You will NEVER elect what you seek to elect without that funding of those candidates WHO WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR movement.

    Am I that person?? With what I have heard and seen, yes!! CAN I WIN?? …without a doubt….but NOT unless there is funding NOW and in greater quantities than people are giving.

    Let me give you some facts. I NEED to send out a 3,000 piece mailing NOW…to raise funds. Now, put a pencil to this mailing. It will cost roughly $1,500 for postage and the envelope, another $.20 for the return envelope and letter and the TIME to put it together to mail. Roughly, $1 per letter. WITHOUT raising that $3000, iit has to sit and wait and wait and wait for that funding. IF it doesn’t come NOW, then next year, when the election is happening, it will be too late to TRY to catch up to the opposition.

    What is the opposition doing??? RAISING MONEY NOW from the Special Interest groups, the lobbyists, and the Unions and others for HER campaign!! ALREADY I AM IN THE HOLE OVER $100,000 to her fundraising, and the 2nd quarter reports haven’t been filed as to what she has raised in that quarter!!

    So, will you help the Conservatives, or “just movement it to death”??

    I DO hope you see the dilemma WE are facing when WE put our neck on the line for YOU and to take YOUR issues to Congress. WE want to be effective, strong and united, but unless WE get elected, WE are just another “also ran” in a race that I believe MUST be won no matter the costs. Because the costs in the end are FAR GREATER to this nation than all the money you or I could EVER raise.

    I share with you what happened to me this past Saturday and with that I will close. I had an informational booth set up at one of our local Independence Day celebrations here in Jacksonville, Fl. It was late in the day, and I had been talking to people ALL DAY. One couple was listening and asking questions and I answered every one for roughly 15-20 mins or so. A gentleman who lived at the assisted living facility campus where the event was held, rode his 3 wheel adult trike up and stopped and just listened.

    After the couple left, he rode up and took the Candidate Petition clipboard and began filling it out. I noticed the Veterans cap he wore. He most likely was a WW II Veteran and perhaps even Korean War as well. I spoke, asked him if he had any questions, and he said “No, I am fine.”

    Then, the miracle happened. He reached into his pocket and pulled out this old, and tattered coin purse men carried from his era. He opened it, took out 2 quarters and dropped into our contributions jar we had on the table.

    I almost cried as I KNOW that was probably his last $.50 as this facility requires that everything they own, except for a small monthly allowance, goes directly to the facility.

    I knew right then and there, I was doing the right thing and that I OWEED it to this Veteran to restore this nation to what it was in the days HE SACRIFICED HIS EVERYTHING TO DEFEND. That $.50 made a difference in my heart, my conviction, and my life. I can’t tell you the tears I have shed everytime I think about his sacrifice then, and now. All the other $1’s, $5’s, $10’s and $20’s pale in comparison to his sacrifice…he gave ALL HE HAD!!

    THAT is how you win for the Conservative movement- you give ALL YOU HAVE in your financial support, your time, and your CONVICTION to win for the sake of this nation.

    May God bless this great nation and you and yours,

    Michael “Mike” Yost
    Yost for Congress – 2010

    • Mike,

      We all agree with the concepts you are talking about. Unfortunately, I am late starting this group up. This site has been up and running for 9 weeks and we have hit 17000 hits, but it is a small flea speck to what we need.

      We are in the baby mode right now, putting our leadership council together (almost done) and we should start moving forward.

      Yes, we understand the idea of the professionals running things, and we are building a core of those people.

      Yes, we understand the need for fundraising and will be asking people to help us help candidates who support our core causes, let us know through our simple questionaire (out this week) where they stand so we can follow up and make every candidate that makes it to Congress accountable.

      I understand your needs, and we are moving fast to try to get this group moving as soon as humanly possible.

      If you see eye to eye with our bullets and planks, we’ll be right there by your side down the line.

      Take care, good luck and God Bless.

  8. I think this is a great idea. We have always been the “Silent Majority”. We can not be silent any longer.

    We need to scream at the top of lungs about the truth behind these social economic programs headed by the Federal Goverment……they are a broken promise. The goverment can not guarentee anything. It can go broke as we are seeing. The only way people can truely be guarantee health and well being is to provide it for themselves and have families and communities willing to help without the goverment being involved. There are so many good non profit organizations out there that do so much more with so little compared to our goverment. We need to take back control of taking care of our own. We can do this without the goverment involved. The old saying of “give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a life time” is still true today. This has been lost in the attempt by the goverment to help people. The goverment has failed.

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