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Barney Fwank can’t seem to help himself.

On top of the Acornypeople out there harrassing banks, trying to get them to drop their recently raised restrictions on lending for homes, we now have the Massachusetts Democrat in Chief trying to spend more money on mortgages for the poor and people who can’t afford houses so they can now afford homes they wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise.

Did you get that?

We are going to spend money being paid back by banks to the government for the TARP money in order to create another housing bubble and pay for mortgages that people who couldn’t afford the homes in the first housing bubble can keep their homes they shouldn’t have been allowed to buy in the first place. Oh, and did we mention THIS money, unlike the loans to the banks, most likely WON’T be paid back.

Got that?

Great investment you say?  That’s why we like a Romney ticket for 2012 – he is a business man and wouldn’t let this crap happen. This is why we should stop electing lawyers to Congress because they keep dreaming this junk up.

Out of 5 billion dollars, he wants to spend:

1 billion to give housing to the poor

1.5 billion to renovate abandoned and foreclosed homes

2 billion in money for emergency relief on foreclosures of people who couldn’t afford what they bought in the first bubble, but we’re going to save them from being nonsensical in the first place.

2 billion in money to create a program to help people cope with foreclosures on multi family dwellings they couldn’t afford in the first bubble, but bought anway.

Waitwaitwait – that’s 6.5 billion. The banks have paid back 5 billion.

Barney Fwank sucks at math too.

Now, the fun part – he wants to increase that first 1 billion to 150 billion over 10 years. No word as to where we’ll get that money.

::Shrug:: Who cares right?

People will be guilted into not turning down the poor who don’t have a home or didn’t purchase in their means.

Where is the logic?

Your guess (::wink wink Joe Biden::) is as good as mine.

Here is the article from Neal Boortz on this information:



5 Responses

  1. It is just time to get rid of all of them, start fresh. We must keep informing & educating people to make the right choices in the 2010 & 2012 elections. Romney is a good choice, but who knows who may “pop out of the woodwork” before then. Keep up the fight…;-) All you do is appreciated. God Bless America!

  2. Ole Bawney should have been released a long time ago and never should he have any ability to make decisions based on his past decisions. Good Grief!

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  5. How do we get rid of these idiots running our country and getting away with it? I called both CA Senators to urge them to vote NO on the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade bill.

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