3 Examples of Cap & Trade “Extras” What a bunch of Cap!

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 If you are familiar with Neal Boortz, then you’ve heard him talk to and about Jamie Dupree.  Jamie has a daily blog that Neal links to.  Today, while reading Nealz Nuze, he directed his readers to Jamies blog specifically – Jamie is reading the Cap and Trade Bill, and outlining portions for his readers.

Today, he outlined just three of the extras added in.  It is pretty eye opening:

On page 1193, the bill would add a section to the Social Security Act on an “Energy Refund Program.”

Basically, those making no more than 150% of the poverty line, would get monthly cash payments from the government to offset the extra costs that are caused by this bill.

In other words, as your energy bill goes up, the feds will help offset that increase.

That would mean single individuals making about $17,000 a year and families of four with $33,000 in income would be eligible for energy payments.

Or how about:

The bill would also tinker with the Earned Income Tax Credit, by doubling the EITC for those with no dependents, and include an inflation adjustment. That’s on page 1209

And the capper:

Then there is an interesting section right after the EITC language, Sec. 433, “Protection of Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.”

From the way I read it, the administrators of Medicare and Social Security would be able to tap into general revenues of the U.S. Government, if it is determined that the Cap and Trade bill has resulted in a reduction of revenues going into those two trust funds.

Let’s say that again. The chieftains of Medicare and Social Security would be able to lay claim to tax dollars to offset money that did NOT come into the trust funds because of a loss of jobs attributed to the Cap and Trade bill.

Remember, this is just THREE of the earmarks in this bill.  Somehow I feel certain that there are at least one or two more examples of pig ears in the 1300 plus page bill.

I have included a link to both Jamie Dupree’s entire article, and also to the bill itself.  I intend to read the whole thing when I get back from our 4th celebration (and praying that it won’t be the last one we are allowed to celebrate).  I will write further on this issue, as I think it is absolutely vital that we are all fully aware of what that congress of evil is trying to force upon us.

Don’t be uniformed.  Don’t hide your head in the sand – regardless of how warm and cozy it might feel.  It isn’t safe.  And remember, when your head is in the sand, WHAT is sticking up in the air? 

Cap and Trade Extras – Jamie Dupree on wsbradio.com.



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  1. Good spadework.
    But how much money would the poor folks get? $12.00 a year? What of the bureacratic overhead?
    If I’m going to be agitated, I’d like to know how many bucks outraged I should be. How about you?

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