Quick, blame Bush!

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Michelle Malkin has a good little article up on her page regarding the unemployment numbers in June.

We’ve all gotten used to the “problems we inherited” clause to any bad news haven’t we?

Going to be kinda hard to keep pushing this back on Bush. What happens in December when the “shovel ready jobs” don’t prove to be so shovel ready, unemployment is at 10% and the people are screaming about Christmas with Obama?

I seem to remember Bush inheriting a downturned economy in 2001 (that started in 2000 according to economists) and it was BLAMED on him within 3 months. I don’t like his politics, but come on. Tit for tat people. In six months, Obama has proposed enough spending to outstrip all presidents in the past combined in deficit spending. People are so enamored with this man, though, that they blindly act hypocritically – screaming about one thing with Bush and worshipping it in Obama. More troops? More government? More privacy invasion? More spending? More taxes? Tinkering with Medicare and Medicaid? SURE! ALL OF THE ABOVE!

We know where a lot of this started don’t we, Mr. Carter? If you were so honorable, you, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush II as well as Barney Frank and Chris Dodd along with others would admit to causing this housing bubble with your leniency on lending to people who were either  irresponsible or incapable of paying the loans back. Without the housing bubble, this wouldn’t be 1/4 as bad, in my opinion.

They prosecuted people who were in the know and didn’t stop Enron. Freddie and Fanny were much larger scandals – where are the CEO’s right now? Not under investigation might be your answer.

Jobless numbers keep rising after the great Stimulus Guess went bad. Not gonna go above 8%…. right.

Oh, and we’re going to ram legislation down your throats no matter the cost to the economy RIGHT NOW because we’re afraid we’re going to get our clocks cleaned in 2010 and we better get it through before the Dems in the House and Senate up for re-election have to start acting like they’re listening to their constituents next year right before the vote.

“Don’t worry, Senator. Get it through now and they’ll forget by November 2010!” – I can just imagine an aide telling some Senator that right now.

Might want to let them know we’re watching and won’t forget this time.

And we know it isn’t all Bush – we know who held the pursestrings since 2006 – we were asleep at the wheel in 2008, but not now.

Michelle Malkin » New unemployment numbers: Quick, blame Bush!.


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