Get it from those that got it!

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 Thanks to David Boaz for outlining what is in this article – terrific writer at the Cato Institute.

It seems that Barack Obama has taken on what I like to call the “thug who wants your nice jacket” principles. You have it, I want it. I don’t have it and I think I need it. It looks nice, and I want to look nice but I am a victim so you have to give it to me because I can’t get it without earning it, and I’m much too busy to go do that.

As David Boaz states – Barbara Mikulski said it so well herself in simpler terms in 1990:

Let’s go and get it from those who’ve got it.

 Shall we prove what we are stating? Here are some of the programs proposed, both formally and informally:

  • Raise the top income tax rates from their current 33 percent and 35 percent rates to 36 percent and 39.6 percent in 2011
  • Limit itemized deductions for people paying high rates
  • Increase capital gains and dividend taxes by 33 percent for people paying high income tax rates
  • Impose a value-added tax (VAT) on all goods and services
  • Raise the Social Security tax by lifting the cap
  • Raise a variety of business taxes by $353 billion over 10 years, including repeal of LIFO rules, restoring Superfund taxes, seven tax increases on energy companies, and more
  • Tax employer-provided health benefits
  • Implement a cap-and-trade system for emissions permits, the functional equivalent of a massive new tax
  • Tax drivers on their mileage
  • Change rules to raise gift taxes
  • Restore the estate tax at 45 percent
  • Raise cigarette tax by 62 cents a pack
  • Raise taxes on beer, wine, liquor, and soda
  • Eliminate health savings accounts and flexible savings accounts
  • Tax employer-provided cellphones
  • Tax AIG employee bonuses
  • Raise taxes on overseas corporate earnings
  • Yep – that sounds like that whole “Gimme – I want it – you have it – I don’t” mentality. Problem is, we earned it. Are we going to keep letting the school bully take on kids one at a time? By the time you do something to help yourself, there might not be anyone left to help YOU. Remember this in 2010.

    Today is the 233rd anniversary of the historic vote by the Continental Congress to start the attempt to free us. This was the day they voted for freedom. It’s a shame that this Congress doesn’t seem to give a darn about their people being overtaxed and harrassed like the Continental Congress did.

    They issued forth a document that stated, among other things:

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    Sound familiar? Anyone? Bueller?


    Thanks again to David Boaz for the stupendous work!

    Obama Adopts the Mikulski Principle | Cato @ Liberty.


    8 Responses

    1. Why not eliminate govt. Programs that have not and will not work, reduce govt agencies
      By 25 percent, most if not all companies are downsizing why not the govt?

    2. What actual recovery is possible under these proposals?

      O – One
      B – Big
      A – Ass
      M – Mistake
      A – America

      I’m going to create jobs in my small business under this future?

    3. RE “Raise the top income tax rates from their current 33 percent and 35 percent rates to 36 percent and 39.6 percent in 2011”

      And let us not forget that the Bush tax cuts will have expired by then, so those taxes are likely to be even higher.

      • Note the “in 2011” after the mid-term elections. If they did it before then, they know they wouldn’t stand a chance mid-term time. So they announce it as a test to see who’s paying attention, counting on the fact that most of America is asleep.

    4. Obama,Obama,Obama!!! I am so sick of hearing him,seeing him,hearing his muslim name,SADDAM,he is a abdomination{obama-nation} to our once great country!! I just thank god,that 1 term is only 4 yrs,bc he won’t last a second term!! I’m surprized the citizens of US hasn’t stood up more and ousted his ass of office yet.He is ruining America! We are getting as bad as Russia,thx to that stupid muslum! the American people didn’t vote for a muslum president,he lied and said he was cathalic,until he was voted in.I think he is a fraud,and not even a citizen of the US and one of our greatest enemys! We have to worry more about what he is gonna do 2 us than any other terrorist in the world,our biggest terrorist sits in our white house!!

      • Angela,

        I understand the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are having. I agree that there are questions remaining about a lot of things regarding Obama.

        I don’t like, nor do I accept his actions. I started this blog with the idea of taking his major cornerstone of power away in 2010 and pushing him right on out in 2012.

        I would like to try and avoid any solution that goes beyond that simply because of the harm it would do to all, left and right.

        I won’t attack anyone’s religion because, unlike some, I don’t believe this is the Muslim main line faith. This is a heretical concept to the main line Muslim faith, taught and sanctioned by outlaw mullahs who have had other Muslims issue declarations of, well, basically not being correct, knowing what they are doing or of being wrong.

        I agree that we should attempt to help the Muslim brothers and sisters to our faith, but rationally, it is just as strong in their hearts to try to sway us. I argue that their religion alone is NOT reason for war.

        What happened on 9/11 was a good reason for what has happened since, in my opinion. What Hussein was doing in his country and the Taliban in theirs was also a good reason, just as good as Bosnia. I despise these despots, and the humans under their heels should be freed, even at a cost. That is my belief as an American and Christian.

        I love Barack as a human as I despise his actions as a politician. He is a human, above all else, and for us to attack in any other way than on the political battlefield belies any hoorah we might raise when the left attacks us for reasons other than politically.

        Please – he is an internationalist socialist. True. He isn’t a terrorist, though he is doing damage to our country in our opinions, just as most on the left believed with the same fervor that Reagan was just as bad for America in their hearts.

        I will do what I can politically to defeat these people who seem to want control and power for its own sake, but I won’t attack them on their religion or call them names I can’t prove.

        I appreciate your comment and hope you come back to keep reading 🙂 God Bless and have a great American Celebration this weekend!

    5. This is just the kind of simple to understand, easy to read article that people need to read. Great job….now people need to react strongly. I am tired of sacrificing and being told I have to give away everything I worked my life for to support those “less fortunate” than me. This is not the governments job to redistribute my wealth ….it’s not the Constitution!

      Politicians don’t get it – I WORKED for what I have. It didn’t happen because I was LUCKY or BLESSED or anything else. IT was plain sweat and tears. I came from a family with nothing that made something of themselves. I didn’t sit around waiting for a handout. And I lend a helping hand through charities already to help my fellow man.

      We need to vote all politicians out of office who support this travesty on Americans! And we need to stay united and active to protect against more politicians of this ilk being given this kind of power over us.

      Now you need a good clear article on where we start….. may I be so bold as to suggest everyone needs to voice their objection to the appointment of Sotomayer……..

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