A Rememberance – In Reverence


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I would like to thank God for the lucky chance I had upon birth to be an American.

I would like to thank my parents for the love they showed me and the education they provided me.

I would like to express my gratitude for my brothers and sisters in arms when I was a part of the military.

I would like to express my honest admiration, respect and deepest gratitiude for the men and women in uniform today – that they didn’t shirk their duty, honor and love of our country.

I would love to express my honest support and deepest thanks for the blood, sweat and tears my fellow patriots surrendered to keep us and others safe.

I would also love to thank our Founding Fathers (the extremists of their time) who, 233 years ago today, voted to declare Independence from the English Empire who was controlling religion, over regulating, over taxing and horribly dictating most ways of life for their subjects. They put their lives, blood, property, families on the line for all of us and carried this nation across into the future where we prospered for 200+ years.

I would express my appreciation for my fellow Patriots in our cause to retake the balance of power in 2010 and attempt to not only regress these programs that are handicapping the recovery of our country but are a blatant attempt to take the United States where external enemies couldn’t.

I thank all true conservatives who are true to their beliefs, love their country and honor America for what she is meant to be.

Thank you all so very much!

Happy Birthday America!

The First True American Patriots

The First True American Patriots

The Document that started it all!

The Document that started it all!

Flag And Eagle

Flag And Eagle

Why I Believe We Should Fight

Why I Believe We Should Fight

True American Patriots In Our Generation!

True American Patriots In Our Generation!


4 Responses

  1. God Bless America!!!

    I must say whenever I see the picture of the firemen raising the flag, (one of the most memorable moments of my lifetime), I remember my husbands father, who I never met. He was a NYC firefighter who died in the line of duty when my husband was eight years old. The Wauldbaum fire caused the most fatalities at once until 9/11. I think of my father-in- law as a hero. I also think that my husband understands about sacrifice and what other families who have lost a loved one on 9/11 have gone through, because of enduring his father’s death. Especially on July 4th, I salute all brave men and women in the military, firefighters, police etc serving our country.

    • Tell your husband “Thank you” from a fellow American for the sacrifice his family made to save the lives of others.

  2. What a great tribute to our Declaration of Independence – and those who risked it all to be free. Thank you for posting photos of 9/11. It reminds us that freedom is something we must continually guard with every fiber of our beings for there are those who live only to take it from us.

    Happy Birthday to the Greatest Nation on Earth – America!!!!

  3. God Bless America and Happy Birthday to this Great Nation we call Home!

    There have been so many sacrifices to bring us to where we are today and yet so many want to forget these sacrifices. Your quote, “love to thank our Founding Fathers (the extremists of their time)” pretty much says it all. During their time it was probably politically incorrect to do what they did, yet they still did it. So many of us today are given the extremist label and yet so many others bow down to political correctness in fear someone might not like them or agree with them. Do what you know in your heart is the right thing! Not what your neighbor’s ignorances will try to convince you is right!

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