Lib Reporters Nail Gibbs on Fake Townhall

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 I don’t have to sit in front of Gibbs, so I can be honest about how I feel about this. I can’t be kicked out of the press room or lose my privileges.

I have truly hated when any party, ANY party, sets up a town hall with prescreened people and questions.

The press is loving it too – NOT. Apparently they weren’t happy with the HuffPo set up at the Barack press conference.

They showed it today. I wish the press was a bit more like this to every president or official who is responsible for our money, services, and government overall. The press needs to go after the officials like they do in other countries, and the White House and Congress should suck it up and take it – but you better answer the questions or they’ll tear you up.

I would love to see Gibbs dancing like this every day – bet he wouldn’t have that sneering smile every day – he’d be sweating walking down the hall to the conference room.

Check out this video – it’s hilarious! Good thing they don’ t dare have the intestines to face some of us bloggers – we’d embarrass them and they know it – that’s why they are controlling the town hall (if you want to call it that) as much as they are.

Transparency – s’yeah. Right.

Gibbs does his pretty little dance again.


3 Responses

  1. This was just too funny, and quite sad. It is just amazing how the definitions of transparency and brick wall have become intertwined of late. Keep up the good work.

  2. That is great video. Every news and journalist outlet in America should be playing that video, and asking these questions daily. They call Gibbs’ daily briefing ‘talking to the dinosours’. I think they are getting tired of that kind of treatment, as are the rest of us.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m optimistic that when Helen Thomas catches Gibbs and gets him tripping over himself that the press may be starting to wake up and realizing what interviewing and reporting is all about (namely, not just reprinting political propaganda).

    You could also see on CNN one of the fake “questions” at the town hall on, obviously engineered to deflect any real question and provoke emotional sympathy. You can see it at

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