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Hello everyone! Just to introduce myself…

My name is Amanda Bustos, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and although I’m new to blogging, my ideas that I express here are lifelong. I’m a huge Oakland Raiders fan (yep I’m one of those crazy fans that dresses up for the games) and have been following them since 2000 when I met my husband, Rolando.

Rolando and Me in OaklandRolando and Me in Oakland

Although I’m very passionate about my Raiders, the real reason I set up this blog was to talk politics.

I am Republican/Conservative and proud of it, despite the direction of the GOP lately (which I will get into in my first real blog post.)

I have an open mind and an open heart so I usually see both sides of a situation. I understand where people come from most of the time, but I could never grasp how most liberals think. This will be one of my quests during my blogging; to figure out the liberal mind and thought process.

I will post controversial material and subjects. I will post things that make you uncomfortable…. but I also hope that they make you think outside the box as well.

I look forward to blogging and hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.

Amanda Bustos

Just me!


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