Heroes, Hoaxes and a Wacky Week in America

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 Geez, is it only Tuesday? I am exhausted with all that has happened in the last week.

We lost Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Billy Mays and still hear ad infinitum about MJ – yes, he’s still dead. I teach music and grew up on his music and I am sick of hearing about him. He was the King of Pop but he was also a freaky dude.

In the mean time, we are losing 1,000’s of real heroes from the WWII generation every day and no one cares. Heroes are those who served and those who stayed home and unified in sacrificial support of them The young are too busy being techies and living in “real time” to even realize the history that is disappearing. We older ones remember them because we knew them. They were our dads and grandfathers.

Here’s one of these heroes – U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Kenneth L. Reusser courtesy of a favorite columnist via @VetsOnTheWatch on Twitter.

HR 2454 – Affectionately known as “Cap and Trade” – non-affectionately known as “Tax and Raid” passed the House of Representatives.

The vote was snuck in on Friday when most Americans that care were at work and got blind-sided listening to the news on the way home. Many of us were faxing and emailing and calling and tweeting in marathon style – all to no avail. Because deals were made on the house floor to be sure Barack, Nancy, Al, GE, Wall Street, Fannie and Freddie got their way. Nancy knew her job was on the line if she did not get this passed for the big guy. 

Dems were told – “its O.K. to vote ‘Nay’ – your reelection is on the ropes – this’ll make them happy!” GOP turncoats were offered environmental incentives. There was NO (not even CNN or Fox) media coverage as our lives were signed away by our non-representative govt. So we tuned them out and stayed glued to C-SPAN through the very brief debate on the 1300 page mostly unread bill, which actually represents the biggest tax increase on U.S. citizens in history.

They say it will not make it through the Senate. One would hope that they would be intelligent enough to put a halt on it till a better bill can be written in a bi-partisan manner. But I will continue to fight it in every way possible, including attending the Orlando Tea Party on Saturday. Regarding the Senate – I’m told faxing is best because you have a receipt of the communication and they have a paper copy. LET’S FILL THE SENATE HALLS WITH 5′ OF PAPER “NO CAP AND TRADE” FAXES BEFORE THEY COME BACK FROM RECESS. I know they are probably stored on computer, but we can kill the system (Click on “Senate” for links for Fax numbers) .

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse – we find out today that Minnesota will be represented in the Senate by comedian Al Franken. Yes, I coined the next line that is circulating Twitter – “with Al Franken, the three-ring circus is now complete, with Barack Obama as the Imperial Ring-Master”. Gee, government feels so much more transparent now.

The White House is getting ready to unveil a brand new “transparency counter” for how our money is spent. As far as I know, stats can be manipulated to prove any hoax you want, Mr. President.


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