The Conservative Papers, Part VII: Book Review of Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyrrany”

levin bookMark Levin, radio talk show host and lawyer, has the #1 rated book on the New York Times list (until this week) for the last few months, as well as one of the top rated books on Amazon as well.

It is an incredible book. I had briefly thought about doing a series of articles about “What It Means To Be Conservative.” Levin puts anything I was thinking of writing to shame, and quickly. This is a book that I find myself underling passages, writing notes in the margins, and re-reading over and over again. Levin’s analytical mind and quick wit are razor-sharp, and finely honed into a tool of mass destruction of liberal foolishness.

Consider this excerpt from one of the first pages of Levin’s book:

levin excerpt

Have you ever seen Conservatism framed so ably and aptly, not to mention succinctly? Levin does this type of pockethole categorization nimbly and deftly, with the greatest of ease.

If you consider yourself conservative, this is a book you MUST have, and soon. It not only defines a conservative’s views on a virety of issues, it contrasts with Liberals views and why (which Levin defines as “Statists” — those who worship at the altar of the all-powerful State) and defines how we can, and must respond to Liberals arguments.

You will actually cheer reading this book — it’s that good. (I had to stop taking it to work because I was disturbing patients reading it.)

Most Highly Recommended!

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  1. A wonderful review, to be sure – and one that I wholeheartedly agree with. It is a MUST read for anyone who considers themself a conservative or anyone intersted in understanding the case for conservatism. I received the book as a father’s Day gift and it is worth every moment spent ingesting its contents. Use it as a guide. use it as an introductory instruction manual, if you like. But it is a MUST.

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