Postage Stamp A Day?


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When you can’t believe your President, it’s just bad. We’ve had it going on now since Bush I and it isn’t getting better.

We thought ole Billy Boy was bad, but this is downright ugly. And it isn’t even done with the shiny patina of smarmy charm that Bill had going for him.

Remember – a postage stamp a day is all this cap and trade will cost the average American? I just read an interesting article on Bungalow Bill’s website that belies that fact BEFORE coming out of the gate.

It seems cap and trade will be responsible for Missouri’s gas tax doubling – which will result in a higher cost right off the bat than what Barack stood calmly in front of the TVs and tried to pull the wool over our eyes again.

This is far from over my friends. It is getting worse. Put your helmets and hip waders on – the stuff is getting thrown around and it’s getting mighty deep in here.

Check here for the full article and math.

BBCW: Obama’s Postage Stamp Lie: Cap and Trade Gasoline Tax More than Doubles Missouri’s Current Gas Taxes.


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