Belief Suspended

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Transparency. Uh huh.
Hope and Change you can believe in. Uh huh.
I won’t raise taxes of any kind on anyone making less than 200k a year. Okaaaaaaaay.

Barack’s people are calling the Cap and Trade and CAFE standards and such like that as “pass through costs”.

Ok. I will say this for all you Dems out there. If it is a tax on business that gets passed through as a cost of goods sold – pay attention now – it is a tax on the taxpayers, with a healthy dose of compliance costs built in to make our companies less competitive with overseas companies once again.

Just like they passed new, higher cost CAFE standards on a struggling auto industry, they are ready to do the same thing to us and our economy with the Cap and Trade, much less Healthcare, EFCA and, in some ways, the blanket immunity of illegals. 

Lord help us if this stuff gets passed. Listen to Obama’s mouthpiece – he will NOT deny a tax increase. At all. Dances like he should be on TV in a contest, doesn’t he?

Don’t wait to see folks – fax your senators if you can. If you can’t – call, email, write, whatever. Please. Before we all suffer.


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