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There is apparently some confusion over the header – and for that I am sorry but let me explain it succinctly.

I used to have Conservative pictures up there until everyone I heard from asked if I was calling THEM scoundrels.

Ok – so I tried to fix that. I put pictures up of Dems in their nicest actual poses (got accused of those being caricatures – and other than Pelosi I am sure that they weren’t doctored) along with some flags.

First- the Democrats are the party that resists the laws against burning the United States Flag, correct? So – the burning flag is symbolism to show how little respect THEY have for the flag.

Second – the Iranian flag – I think most can see the symbolism – from Obama not doing much to save the protestors in his rhetoric to the permission he gave in Egypt for them to have nuclear power when he won’t let his own country have it without a huge wrestling match that believe it or not takes on average 15 years to get a plant active.

Third – and I am sure this has thrown some people – the red and black flag. Well now, maybe I was too pithy in my thoughts there. I put up the third flag for one reason – there is a history there. And NO – for those who don’t know their history – it IS NOT the NAZI FLAG. Got it? Good. It is a flag of a nation that was the first to start SOCIALISM on a national rather than an international level. It is the flag of a government that had a tremendous amount of Jewish folks in there before they got thrown out in 1938 due to a stupid alliance.

The flag that is in the lower right of the header is the ITALIAN SOCIALIST flag – the original SOCIALIST flag, which I truly believe the Democrats are moving us towards.

Perhaps TOO far tongue in cheek, but there ya have it. It isn’t disrespect for our country I served in the military to protect. It isn’t white power or some such nonsense. I am Catholic for goodness sake and I take that very seriously.

This is, for anyone who has felt unamused by our header, a joke on the Dems, that unfortunately seems to have bitten me in the behind.

For those offended, I truly hope you understand and see the whole point I was trying to make.

For anyone who has a question about my love of country or conservative viewpoints – well – there are better things left undelved into.

At this time I have decided to take down my header for the simple reason that I don’t want anyone not coming back here because of something so simple as a misunderstanding over a picture of a flag. I may change my mind at some future juncture, but right now, I think we’ll stay with a basic banner.


4 Responses

  1. Why would you care if you offended Liberals? For that matter why would you be other than proud to be accused them of not loving the nation that they are creating at the expense of America?

    • Actually, what is mind boggling is that someone is accusing me of being a want to be conservative/repub.

      I guess they thought it was a nazi/white power flag – and I truly should have thought of it.

  2. Hey, it’s all good! Just keep on shining the light on those dirty little roaches and watch them scatter! Put a picture of Bozo the clown up’s the words and philosophy that counts!
    I like your stuff!

  3. Thanks for the explanation about the Italian Socialist flag. I did have to explain to my husband that Dirty Rotten Scoundrels meant “them” and not “us’! 😉

    The Obamacy is in full swing, or so they think. When will Obama decree a flag of his very own? He can hang it on the antenna of the teeny tiny green car which he will have to use in order not to be a hypocrite. Oh, he IS a hypocrite!

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