Don’t Underestimate America’s Citizens!

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Incredible video created by a high school boy in Alabama. You will be moved to action if our over-reaching, out of control, non-representative gov’t has not moved you there already. Call your Senators today regarding Cap and Trade – the biggest tax hike and scam on US citizens in history which will export more jobs overseas, and Nationalized Health Care which will eventually rob you of your choice of doctors, insurance company and necessary medicine.

Here are some numbers and links for you – DC Switchboards – WH: 202-456-1414 Senate 202-224-3121 House (202) 224-3121

Also – – Click on your Senator – all local inforamtion should be on their page. They are home on recess. GO TO THEIR OFFICES! If they are in Class III – they are up for election in 2010, Class I – 2012, Class III-2014.

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