Foundations of Freedom

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Written by Christi Faught                                                                                                               (A remarkable historian and teacher)

The public has forgotten that they are the majority of the American government system. We have become common placed with electing a representative and then sitting back patting ourselves on the back for doing our political duty. The people do not understand the original intent behind the constitution. Our founding fathers lived and suffered under a rule that limited their ability to prosper. Once you have experienced that kind of oppression, you acquire a passion and discerning knowledge that detects any form of limitation of freedom.

We have forgotten that they were so afraid of this restrictive power that they first instilled a government system that left no power to the governing body. We have so displaced this time of hardship that we don’t even teach it. We act as though the time span from 1774 until 1789 did not exist. No one even questions that George Washington’s term didn’t start until 1789. However, the 16 presidents prior to Washington were at the mercy of a unicameral legislation & held no power.

In Delaware in 1785 our founding fathers decided on May 30th to establish a national government consisting of 3 distinct branches that not only divide the governing powers but is also accountable to the other branches as well as to the people. Because they had experienced corrupt rule driven by man’s greed, they seriously considered how to balance liberty and order of the government to ensure that neither one branch nor an individual could become more powerful than the others.

By establishing a LIMITED GOVERNMENT that is governed by the people they secured individual liberty for the people. With the added division of power between the national and state levels, individuals are given a greater voice to address local needs of the citizens. In creating this form of government, our Founding Fathers intended to secure the ultimate source of government power being derived from that of the people. The American constitution is the strongest form of government because it was based on these principles of POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY.

We the people (all individual citizens) of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union (one not ruled by strong political powers but by the people), establish justice (punish unlawful conduct, reward the good and hard working, and hold the government accountable to a code of liberty), ensure domestic tranquility (keep our homeland peaceful and free of civil disunity), provide for the common defense (create an armed force that defends our liberty), promote the general welfare (establish a competitive market that is run on supply & demand of the public), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (so that our children’s children will benefit from our actions), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

If any of this is altered we will be walking on the graves of the thousands who died for this cause; who died for their future family’s freedom to prosper. We will be claiming they died in vain. They obviously strongly believed in the fight for their future generations because they knew that most of them would not live to reap the full benefits of the fight. How could we so carelessly throw away these constitutional words that they painfully and fearfully chose to ensure liberty?


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