New Immigration Plan Proposal – Win Win

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Let’s be honest – there isn’t going to be a good solution of immigration that is going to make everyone happy.

The Conservatives believe this is illegal, that people should earn their way into this country like the legals, and that people who come into this country should try to assimilate into the American people, learning english and learning the culture. We don’t believe that people should give up their heritage, just share the beliefs they came to this country to take advantage of.

The Liberals seem to think that all the immigrants should be allowed into the country willy nilly and that they should be given immediate rights and benefits even though they haven’t put into the system, raising the costs of everyone who does pay into the system and not caring if they harm level of care for everyone. We don’t even need to go into the same situation for education, welfare or any other social program. The Liberals don’t believe that they should have to learn the english language – that we should have to move towards their language and not hope they will work to become Americans rather than setting up their same living standards as they had in the barrios or whatnot.

The illegal immigrants don’t understand why we don’t want them here, because in their country, the government is centralized and gives them most of what they have through socialism. It isn’t much, but that’s how they get it. They don’t understand why people don’t like the fact that they can’t communicate, that they take benefits away from people who are citizens and they don’t understand why we don’t like the fact that they don’t pay taxes for what benefits they receive. They don’t understand that 12 million people (a low # in my opinion) even costing 1000.00 a piece is 12 billion dollars extra we have to pay. (and that is just 1000 a piece – education, health care, welfare – way more that 1000 a piece)

So, how do we solve this? How do we make EVERYONE happy?

Here we go.

We set up camps around the country. Several in each state in fact. Use some of the old military bases if you want.

These will be prisons – BUT read on – don’t freak yet.

If you are caught being an illegal – you won’t get a pass, but you don’t get deported – you get sent to one of these camps where you get treated with respect, but are still a prisoner. You receive all your basic rights, good food, A/C in common areas, good medical but there are three requirements:

1. You work your butt off – 6 hours a day on public projects around the state that you are incarcerated in

2. You must attend english classes and participate and pass.

3. You must attend citizenship classes, participate and pass.

If it is a family, the mother and father work while the kids go to school, but 2 and 3 are non negotiable with everyone.

This happens for 3 years if you are forcibly interred. BUT you become a citizen when you “graduate” and there is nothing on the record other than you are a citizen. They put blood, sweat, tears into the country, they earn citizenship.

Also, you get paid minimum wage for any adult working (and everything else is paid for so that’s a good deal).

Now – here is an interesting twist –

IF you voluntarily turn yourself in – you trim a year off your requirements.

Now – you get paid, respected, learn, learn english and become an acceptable taxpaying citizen that put back into this country without hate, fear, loathing or being a charity case.

First public projects down south – building the walls to keep this from getting to be a pandemic situation.

What do you all think?

Let me know!


4 Responses

  1. I like it, but unfortunately the gub’ment would never go for it and the ACLU et al would go nuts!

  2. The ACLU would have a hard time fighting it if the people who champion illegals rights, the repubs and dems all supported it overwhelmingly.

    I understand, but I think the illegals would jump at a chance for good food, housing, medicine, education for themselves and their families as well as a chance to earn their way into the country with respect.

    What’s for the ACLU to beef about? 🙂

  3. i LOVE it LOL!!! it would be easier if we just lock up all ACLU lawyers first, solves THAT problem. a very BOLD STEP !!!!

    • I think even 1 year for the voluntary would be acceptable as long as requirements 2 and 3 are met. Decent plan,even I would respect someone for going through the program. You know some politician or group would find fault in it.

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