Just the Fax man!

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Hey everyone – Twitter is a wonderful invention, but really, let me explain in long form about how to communicate with the Feds.

You can email, but honestly, it’s so easy to delete, and have no record of it, do you think someone like Schumer will actually read them? Especially if it an email from a wingnut like we are?

Also, the postal service. Since the Anthrax scare, Congressional mail has to go through all sorts of special procedures to get it to them if I am correct. I wouldn’t doubt that a lot of it doesn’t make it.

Calls? You think they don’t hit delete the minute they hear something they don’t want to hear on their voice mail? Maybe the honest people will record the caller thoughts, but tell me, how many think many of them do?

Faxes are great because you can set your fax machine or fax program with 3 faxes going to different #’s and let it go. If you have a program, you can schedule it a lot better even. But then, you can have records of your sending it.

Picture this – a whistle stop campaign tour. Senator Hoomajig gets out of his bus to be confronted by 5000 people waving fax confirmation sheets, all of whom are wondering why there was no answer.

Accountability folks – it’s a great thing.

Light up their fax lines – keep them from sending out their little notes to each other or the media. Melt their fax machines.

You think 10000 faxes a day in each office wouldn’t attract attention?

Copy this into an email and pass it to your friends – let’s make ’em wish they hadn’t started on this EFCA, Cap and Trade or Health Care kick. Let ’em know we are the ones with the power and their seats are in jeopardy if they vote for this stuff.

Please, help us spread the word. We don’t sell anything, ask for money or anything like that. It isn’t about that. We don’t even have a subscription list. We just give a darn about our country and our future.

Please help us make that future brighter!


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