Schumer says health care isn’t dead yet – Dems might have to do it alone!

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This is getting creepy – we had just no more than posted the article about focus, and talking about how the Dems might get sneaky when this pops up on my news wire from FOX.

Chucky “I’m gonna get you” Schumer is at it again. This man is a dyed in the wool socialist and is out to make you into his image whether YOU like it or not.

He is bound a determined to get this health care plan through, costing, no costing, plan, no plan, what ever the cost, YOU’LL pay it.

The House of Reps is doing the same thing under Pelosi – starting a bill for a SINGLE PAYER MEDICARE SYSTEM for ALL Americans – mandatory.

Except unions and the Federal Government – of course. WHY IS THAT? Why is no one faxing the House and Senate and asking WHY this plan excludes them – WHY can THEY have their own plans, untaxed and unfettered? What makes them so special? They’re OUR reps – WE’RE the ones THEY should consider special.

The ultimate, snide, condescending, loathing, hate filled arrogance of these people is beyond anything we have seen before. The small smirks and sneers say it all. They look down their noses at us, because when we elected them to office, they achieved demi god status and are immediately better than us. Listen to their words and how they say them – how they look when it comes out of their mouth. They know we don’t want this, and they don’t care.

The NYT/CBS poll was of I believe a little over 100 people and 48 said they voted for BO while only 24 said McCain. This is a highly SKEWED lie. This is a poll that is 2:1 in favor of BO to begin with and they are mostly going to support the health care plan.

Is it any wonder that 72% of this LITTLE poll was for BO’s health care?

The Gallup poll of, I believe, 1000 people showed 42% for 42% against. Not the overwhelming poll the Senator wants to hear. But then – BO had a mandate with a slight majority of the popular votes – right?

Read all about the arrogance of Schumer and the dems.

It isn’t dead yet my friends. Keep fighting the fight!

Democrats May Go It Alone on Gov’t Health Plan – Political News –


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  1. The main reason this could happen- NO LEADERSHIP from the “Republican” Party. Unless we begin to support, fund the campaigns of, and elect TRUE honest, working people to office, there will never be the government OF THE PEOPLE we all desire.

    Sadly, this may be the case for a long time…until the voters realize they get what SOMEONE pays for…and our government is bought, paid for by Special Interest and PAC’s with donations to incumbents they like for re-election.

    UNLESS the ordinary CONSERVATIVE VOTERS directly supports NEW FACES and replace the current “entrenched in special interest money” career politicians, its going to be “more of the same”- NO leadership, NO vocal voices OF THE PEOPLE, and little else to do but “gripe about the issues”. Well, keep griping, and watch what happens…you will get “more of the same” for decades.

    You can “talk” about it forever. Until you open that checkbook, write a check to a NEW candidate, you can rest assured, no matter how much you “support” his efforts, his efforts will NOT get him elected. It’s YOUR government and YOU need to directly support those you believe in….NOT the RNC, the PAC’s, or whatever else you support…FEW “new faces” will get a red cent of your “donations”.

    Want to know HOW these people in Washington stay entrenched for decades??? Look at their campaign finance reports and tell me WHO are their “big money” supporters??…the PAC’s, lobbyists, and Corporate PAC’s. Yep…those ‘strings” get yanked by the ones with the “cash” and LITTLE is done FOR YOU.

    Imagine….1,000,000 Conservatives EACH writing a check to NEW FACES for $20. THAT will get a LOT of people elected that WILL stand for YOU, not for Special interest.

    NO WONDER Chuck Schumer doesn’t need any GOP votes…he already has the ones he needs bought, paid for, and in the bank.

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