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I was just thinking that as we move ahead this week, there are several things that Congress and our Anointed One are trying to sneak through under the fog of distractions.

The fraud has got to be screamed about. This is far worse than past cases – this is so in your face as to slap people awake I hope.

EFCA Now – Unionization – sounds pretty good from a distance – but look at the videos and see why this isn’t so good. There are people who tell you what it’s like before and during union involvement. The government, for all we lean on it, has every single thing covered, including arbitration, that the unions do. Period. The dues are worthless except to pay for the bosses 1500.00 suits and big cars and homes. Look at them. Ever see a broke union boss – even during a strike? It’s all about power people. EFCA makes it much easier to force unionization and there are also aspects of arbitration that is really disturbing – the unions can come in with a ludicrous # trying to get a small raise. The arbitrator will give the employer 90 days to come to the table and then force an agreement on the employer with a “middle” number.

If the unions want .50/ hr and come in with a raise request for 3.00/hr, they might walk out with 1.00/hr in 90 days – no more real negotiations – all they have to do is stall.

Health care – hammered to death – you know this is going to cost us trillions.

Cap and Trade – once again this is going to cost every household a minimum (remember – they’re guessing at this number and you can BET it will be lowball) of 4300.00 a YEAR. PLUS you will have higher energy costs. Energy includes:

Natural Gas
any fuel out there

Estimates are ranging from 2-10 TIMES the amount you are paying NOW. Ok – take that out to it’s logical number – 2 times 2.50 for gas – 5.00.

120 dollar electric bill with 40 dollars of actual KW usage charge – 160 now.

That is at the minimum multiplier of 2. This is our government though. Want to bet it will stay at the lowest number?

Then there are the financial regulations, realID, rfid chips, privacy issues, and others I am sure I am not thinking of this morning.

Let’s get the focus back down to a level of what we can do something about. Keep sending the faxes to the sentaors and your rep. Don’t let them stop hearing from you. Not for one day. Let’s flood them so they know we are upset.

Do you really think that these people aren’t hearing the rumbles?

Do you really think that after spending 1.7-8 trillion dollars in 2 lump sums in the spring that they would HESITATE to do something they WANT like health care for something as simple as cost?

Nope. They hear the polls. They are starting to get worried that you are waking up and flexing your muscles and they realize that their seats might be in jeopardy.

But don’t let the media tell you it’s dead. Please don’t stop and rejoice. It isn’t over. Not by far. They have been bringing this ghost up since ’93 and it isn’t going away yet.

Watch them. Warn them that they better not try any midnight surprises or there will be hell to pay in 2010. They answer to us and by God we are going to make them answer to us in the next election if they don’t hear what we are saying as our REPRESENTATIVES.

They are supposed to be serving the constituents, not shearing them. Let them know that!


2 Responses

  1. I hope you’re correct, but the Dhimmicrats will phase in health care “deform” (no reform intended, just a vote grab based on voter dependency on the govt. for health care), so that they’re safe up till about 2013. Then everything will be rationed and socialized, and King Obama will be crowned once again.

  2. Why can’t the Republicans *demand* an extension of a couple weeks to read through these things?? There seems to be a real problem if no one has a right to expect this.

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