Union Bully Caught On Video

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This is insanity – listen to this woman talk to OTHER HUMANS in this manner.

People flog me when I say union tactics and strikes and such are blackmail in our opinion. Tell me what this is then – this is so blatant. I hope more and more people start putting videos up like this.

Oh yeah, ignore that whole EFCA Card Check bill. Want to see a LOT more of this? Let the unions get their hooks in further.


If I were the people being talked to like this, I would stand up to her and put it in an ad near election time and let people know I stood up to that blatant blackmail.

This woman, in our opinion, should be charged by the police with blackmail and prosecuted. The only thing she could have done worse is come in with envelopes of cash and offer the bribe in front of the camera.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



more about “Union Bullies on the Budget“, posted with vodpod






Thanks to the Daily Uprising  and Michelle Malkin for showing that video – opens your eyes a bit doesn’t it – check them out in our Blogroll.


3 Responses

  1. This is a great inside view showing how the union people are using bullying tactics in order to pass EFCA.

  2. Great info. Unions only survive by using strong arm tactics. Unions fit into the larger ideology of the progressives who back unions and that is “group identification.” They want everybody to fit into a group and promote that adgenda that way they can keep a tight fist on everybody to better control them.

    The secret ballot being done away with is just what Obama really wants for the general election. That way he’ll get all his thugs at the polling places to intimidate everyone into voting for him. That’s even if there’s a general election in 2012. By that time we may be under martial law with a president for life. Or at least untill the progressives who control this country feel the times have evolved past Obama’s usefullness

  3. […] in San … ,” to the Obamas. ( Read My Lips: No More Bushes! ) Michelle Malkin links Union Bully Caught On Video – dirtyrottenscoundrels.wordpress.com 06/21/2009 This is insanity – listen to this woman talk to […]

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