Obama Walks Back Promise On Keeping Your Private Insurance

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When people started hearing promises by Barack Obama that we could keep our private insurance and that he didn’t want to take over insurance, that he didn’t want government to become a single payer system, that we were all liars, I just sat back and waited.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to silently drop.

I have already, in my short stint, been accused of being a consiracy nut. That I believe aliens are pulling the strings, etc. Still not sure where that came from since I have linked to information on almost every single thing I have talked about.

I know there are people who are questioning the sanity of what I talked about in my very long post about the breakdown of what health insurance could really cost. (up to the tune of 22k dollars per person per year – see the article for my math)

I realize it seems far fetched.

But what I based my math on was the CBO PARTIAL scoring (their word for “figuring up the potential cost” or guessing) of the health care plans before Congress RIGHT NOW and the idea that they were going to base this system on the current medicare system which doubled in cost to the taxpayers every 4 years.

“But Rich, Barack, the anointed one, says we won’t be single payer or based on a medicare system!”, you say.

Couple of things to remember – you as an employer aren’t going to keep the costs in your life of insurance if you could foist it off on the government to stay competitive with a competitor that does it. That would quickly kill your market share.

Government is going to tax employers who don’t cover employees, and employees are going to get taxed if they have a private plan as if the value of that plan were INCOME. If you make 50k and your insurance plan is worth 15k – you WILL be paying taxes at a 65k level.

Go look up the difference and see how much more you’ll pay – dare ya!

And if you think this won’t happen – this is the SAME party who believes if you don’t WANT to join a union – you don’t deserve a job or you get charged the dues anyway. Sound familiar? Want proof of that – see the long list of videos about union tactics.

So, why am I rehashing all this? We are seeing more and more proof of what we’ve been predicting in ominous little comments such as the one you see in the linked article. There is also independent corroboration of what we looked at in that big long article – that 119 people who ARE insured will eventually be forced onto the dole of government insurance – thus making our numbers seem all that more realistic.

I can see the future quote now:

“America, I am sorry that it has come to this juncture. While I, as President, do not want to step in and nationalized the entire health care system, I find myself being forced into this by the failure of the private health insurance industry to continue to hold up it’s part of the bargain while government health care patients enjoy all the benefits. Therefore, it saddens me to sign into law this bill so that I can save you all from yourselves and bring you into the fold under my thu…. er contro….er wings!”



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