More Union Videos – You won’t believe these!!

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And don’t hand me the pap about it being isolated incidents – there were hundreds of these on YouTube!

The first one is all ex-union organizers speaking out – the second is a union president telling that he believes that EFCA is proper compensation for political backing.

The third one is the unions hiring the homeless to walk the picket lines for them – even when there isn’t a labor dispute on the table – local news expose!

Next is a video of an actual indictment and language from that indictment explaining many many counts of violence and intimidation by 12 different union defendants.

There is evidence of mass harrassment in Boston, intimidation using a cow’s head, Obama stating that EFCA takes away free choice, bribery on video, eyewitnesses to people visiting their homes to join unions, a 16 year old girl who is a PART TIME  worker being threatened, people in a right to work state having to sue to get out of the union, plus three cute short commercials by



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