Guessing, Costing, Budgeting, Who the Heck Knows?

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First – any site has the right to reprint this without changes with a link back and credit – help us spread this to fight this nightmare!

According to our new Dan Quayle replacement and Vice President, no one knew what would happen with the costs of the stimulus plan, the effects, how far things would move, etc.

Without beating a dead horse too much – most conservatives were either right on or had hedged to the (pardon the pun) conservative side of things. There are blogs, radio shows and TV news pundits that screamed about it during the election as Barack promised us this and that.

Many of us beat the heck out of Bush on the right for going along with Pelosi and Reid since 2006, rubberstamping a lot of spending and government growth plans we abhorred. I really wanted to sit the man down and talk sense to him because the stupidity of this spending policy is evident today.

People don’t think about this:


True, the Pres has to sign it, but really, he is a figurehead. He can send budgets all he wants, but as you saw this spring, Congress hangs all sorts of crap all over it until you can’t recognize it.

Obama had some bad economic ideas, and frankly he is exacerbating the situation. There had been much worse recessions numbers-wise before Bush and Obama meddled with the Congress on spending so much money to do what the private economy would have self regulated eventually.

It’s called a business cycle.

Politicians love to call it a crisis to scare you into spending money and INCREASING THEIR CONTROL OVER YOU.

Why do you think they are doing all they are right now? For your benefit? Let’s take a look at some historical BS that has come along and been tracked in HISTORY with numbers to make your eyes bug out.


They are asserting we spend 2 trillion in health care every year with 119 million insured and 47 million uninsured. 

They are assuring us that 1.6 trillon will cover 1/3 of the 47 million – and that is spread over ten years. Math check?  First they increased from 1 to 1.6 trillion just lately, and now we learn they haven’t “scored” or put a cost to a large majority of ANY of the 16 plans being debated.

Keep that 1.6 Trillion in mind through the rest of this:

The 47 million is broken down three ways –

There are people who are young (and stupid) and think they won’t get sick and want to get paid more so they don’t ask their employer to pay for their medical. 

There are people who could and don’t apply for medicare (I know several) and people who can afford it and don’t want the hassles of insurance of any kind.

There are people who aren’t covered and can’t afford it at all. – These folks make up 2-3% of the population.

Now – first – they get covered walking in to a hospital and asking for help. Don’t doubt that – they do. Their costs pass on to us. So they are covered.

Second – 2-3% doesn’t sound like a crisis like 47 million does, does it? MMMhmmm – that’s the point. Not frightening – doesn’t move the sheeple – get it?

Ok – History:


The costs of Medicare doubled every four years between 1966 and 1980.[31] According to the 2004 “Green Book” of the House Ways and Means Committee, Medicare expenditures from the American government were $256.8 billion in fiscal year 2002. Beneficiary premiums are highly subsidized, and net outlays for the program, accounting for the premiums paid by subscribers, were $230.9 billion.

Medicare spending is growing steadily in both absolute terms and as a percentage of the federal budget. Total Medicare spending reached $440 billion for fiscal year 2007, or 16% of all federal spending. The only larger categories of federal spending are Social Security and defense. Given the current pattern of spending growth, maintaining Medicare’s financing over the long-term may well require significant changes.[32]

According to the 2008 report by the board of trustees for Medicare and Social Security, Medicare will spend more than it brings in from taxes this year (2008). The Medicare hospital insurance trust fund will become insolvent by 2019.

From Wikipedia –

Interesting – doubled every 4 years?  By the way – the defense is the ONLY duty that the FEDERAL government has any right Constitutionally (between Medicare, Soc Sec and defense) to spend money on. And now that it is mentioned:

Social Security:

In 1950, there were 16 workers paying taxes into the system for every retiree who was taking benefits out of it. Today, there are a little more than three. By the time the baby boomers retire, there will be just two workers who will have to pay all the taxes to support every one retiree.

Fewer workers for more retirees mean each worker bears an increasing financial burden to pay the benefits that Social Security has promised. The original Social Security tax was just 2 percent on the first $3,000 that a worker earned, a maximum tax of $60 per year. By 1960, payroll taxes had risen to 6 percent. Today’s workers pay a payroll tax of 12.4 percent.

It is going to get much worse. In order to continuing funding retiree benefits, the payroll tax will have to be raised to more than 18 percent. That’s nearly a 50 percent increase.

Let’s look at that financial burden another way. The Social Security payroll tax is already 12.4 percent of wages, or one eighth of a worker’s total annual wages. It is the biggest tax the average household must pay. Roughly 80 percent of American families pay more in Social Security taxes than they do in federal income taxes.

Despite that already huge tax burden, the payroll tax will have to be increased by nearly half in order to continue paying Social Security benefits. That’s a terrible burden to impose on our children and grandchildren.

Thanks to Mr. Tanner at the Cato Institute for this article:

Ok – so now we are looking at massive future tax increases to continue to pay for two programs, run by the government, purported to be no big burden (at their start up)  for Americans and have run amok.

Remember as well, this is in addition to CAFE standards (and thus the cost of cars) going up, as well as Cap and Tax attempting to raise 4300.00 per household per year plus multiplying the energy costs from 2-10 times (depending on who you read – it’s the government – which end of the spectrum do you think it will go to?) what you are currently paying now. That’s coal, gas, electricity, natural gas, propane, anything to do with fueling something that you need. Ok?

Let’s keep going:

Amtrak, Post Office, aforementioned Military Procurement, Welfare, DMV, VA, military hospital/medical service (not the military doctor’s faults – it’s the system they have to work with – get the POINT?), highway construction and cost overruns, bidding processes for government work, bureaucracy to do ANYTHING with government, education, taxation and the reams of regulations, etc etc etc etc

Understand where we are coming from? What do you think is going to happen to health care?

Lets look at it.

What is a trillion? Honestly, it’s hard to imagine – so let’s simplify it.

Do you make 5000.00 a month? You would be paid for 200 million months on 1 trillion. That would come out to be your paycheck for 16,666,666.67 YEARS.

Try this for simpler, smaller numbers. You could pay 200 people 5000 dollars a month for 83,333.33 YEARS.

Want it smaller? Try this – 1000 companies at that size could run their payroll for 83.33 years.

That’s 200,000 employees making 60,000.00 a year for 83.33 years.

Cool huh? This is what they are throwing around with such cavalier attitudes – but it’s easy cause it’s NOT THEIR MONEY. Easy to spend it when it isn’t yours – remember your kids begging for this or that in the store? Put a Barney Frank face on that child and you about have it right.

Now –

They have, under OBAMA’S plan (remember – that’s 1 of 16 in Congress) increased cost estimates from 1 to 1.6 TRILLION already. (that is 200,000 people getting paid 60 grand for 83 years without the extra .6 – but it’s just an extra .6 so what’s the big deal? Say it out like this – 1 trillion 600 billion dollars instead of 1.6 trillion – sounds a LOT bigger)

We have learned that none of these plans has a plan to PAY for them nor has every section been scored for costing – in other words they are guessing again.

Now – if you want to look at it like medicare – doubling every 4 years let’s do that:

15 million people insured = 1.6 trillion

1.6 x 2 (1st 4 years) = 3.2 trillion

3.2 x 2 (2nd 4 yrs) = 6.4 trillion

Now – that starting number is a low guess to sell you on the product.

Let’s take this further

Say if we want to insure the whole 47 million that is the whole of the crisis:

47 divided by 15 = 3  (roughly)

Now if we take our cost at the beginning –

1.6 x 3 = 4.8 trillion

4.8 x 2 = 9.6 trillion

9.6 x 2 = 19.2 trillion

At 19.2 trillion that is costing US 1.92 trillion PER YEAR for 10 years. If 440 billion for medicare is 16% of government spending – think about 1.92 trillion added to an already swollen 3.7 trillion dollar budget that no doubt (like this last year) will have to have an adder of 440 billion in the spring for underestimation or pork.

Now. It gets worse.

Do you think that employers are going to pay for insurance when you can get it for FREE from the government? Especially when one or more companies in each line of work is going to cut that cost? Even when the cost is passed on to us in cost of products? Because they have compliance time and cost as well and that runs into hundreds of millions companies are paying they can’t use to expand or pay raises.

 Oh – did they mention that most if not all these plans have taxes on private insurance for the people who keep their private plans to pay for the public trough feeders?

Did they mention the penalties the companies who insure 119 million (3:1 ratio insured to uninsured – don’t hear that number much do you?) will have to pay if they don’t help you move to the government program?

Do you really think the government will allow an honestly open competition if what I am saying about this being nothing more than a power grab to control your lives is true?

Do you think the government who is taking over smoking, regulates drinking, makes every drug illegal, regulates the pharmaceutical industry driving up those costs exponentially to you, isn’t going to try to tell you the amount you should eat or the amount you exercise and attempt to enforce you into programs to do that? No?

Look at England. They are moving towards that now. People that come in your house and inspect your pantries. Go ahead. Doubt it.

Ok – all that aside – more math

119 million people move to the public trough because private companies can dump cost and not pay penalties

119 million is roughly 3.5 times 47 million.

So let’s do this math:

1.6 (15 million) x 3 = 4.8 trillion (47 million) x 3.5 (119 million) = 16.8 trillion

Now the extrapolation – keep in mind this is based on the current medicare system that WORKS LIKE THIS NOW – THIS IS HISTORICAL ACCOUNTING FACT:

16.8 trillion to start x 2 (first 4 yrs) = 33.8 trillion

33.8 trillion x 2 (second 4 yrs) = 67.6 trillion dollars in 8 years

Let’s just say that is the cost for 10 years so we are looking at an eventual cost of 6.76 trillion PER YEAR.

6,760,000,000,000.00 Per Year folks – if you divide by 300,000,000 people you get:

A cost of 22,533.33 per person. Man, woman or child. Per year.

Say I am a right wing radical – divide that by 4.

5633.33 per person per year cost.


You think this won’t be highly graduated?


You think there won’t be deductibles and cost prohibitions?


You think the wait time, money to practioners on all levels, level of care and motivation to invest time and effort in new medicines or treatments won’t change dramatically?

Oh – sure. And I have swamp land to sell you.

How about them there seniors who didn’t want change to the third rail to save the system for people after themselves? You know – Social Security?

Think their care won’t be drastically cut in the final 3-4 years of their life expectancy? Pity the poor grandparent who lives to 90 with painful problems.

That’s ok – I suppose you could always go with the kids to see Granny off at a Dr. Kevorkian franchise.

Oh wait – didn’t the left raise a hoo hah because someone in Mensa mentioned that?  What about the people they brought up using dog medicine to save money?

This is going to make a bad situation much worse for anyone over the age of 60-65. There WILL be limits. There will be committee’s deciding this from thousands of miles away behind closed doors that WON’T have to face you or your Grand Parents.

What about that child coming out of the womb with a health problem? We know what the left feels about children with health problems in the womb – they are a problem waiting to happen so abort it.

What’s stopping them from classifying a child already born as a “malignant sub human mass” and “rectifying a socially bad situation for the good of the people”?

Seriously – how long is it going to take all of the sheeple to stop the minority of people in this country looking for handouts because they don’t go to school, don’t go to work, don’t strive and just want to go along to get along?

When does the guilt end?

Why am I guilty of anything with the illegal immigrants? We didn’t attack Mexico – heck they attacked us. There’s no slavery there. Come on – when do we quit shouldering the burden for every sundry person who has a lame excuse not to work.

There are some that are truly disabled. There are some who are hurt and up against the wall. There are some who will never be able to take care of themselves. I know that.

There SHOULD be a safety net for those who NEED it. And the fact is that if there is a net just for the NEEDY and not the lazy, the NEEDY could receive so much more help.

That is taking the case we are arguing to a different route – now we are talking about spreading the wealth out over 300 million people – and that safety net is so toilet paper thin (wet toilet paper for that matter) it will collapse under its own weight eventually.

BUT we will have allowed the insurance industry to die. Probably 200,000 workers out of work – and good paying white collar jobs that put money into the economy for those people who make cars or work construction on homes.

Once this thing collapes – what then? We won’t have a net!

Now – here is my idea – and you know what? The cost is minimal to anyone. It won’t even require a new department in the government. (come to think of it – think Obama isn’t counting on this health care nightmare to make hundreds of thousands of new jobs running this that will be part of the Federal union and pumping his jobs creation # way up?)

Tort reform.

Cut off lawsuits at a maximum to be determined based on the severity of the case.  If a person has the wrong leg amputated, that is huge and should have a higher order of magnitude settlement by far. Death, obviously, is a duh.

BUT – if they give a wrong med that makes you break out for prom – that is what we are discussing. The inevitable example – they left gauze inside me – is a free surgery to take it out and an immediate payment to the patient of 50% of the costs of the surgeries to punish the doctor and staff not paying attention.

It certainly wasn’t the hospital administrator not seeing into the open wound, nor the gauze company, nor the forecp company, nor the company that sells the staples to put you back together again.

BUT in this country – it’s fun to play “Name that litigant” and pull everyone in with the intent of actually not having to work a day in your life ever again because the doctor left a piece of gauze inside you.

Let’s also examine the fees of the lawyers to fight this crap. So the hospital runs up a tab of several dozen hours at 500 bucks an hour to discuss the fighting of it, then pay the patient a settlement that then gets added to the cost of doing business which gets passed along to insurance companies, to the doctors, the product companies, the other staff members, the hospital/clinic and right back to you and your company who pays you less in order to pay for your insurance that is costing so much due to some greedy little pig who just wants to lay about eating bon bons and sneering at everyone going to work to pay for things they need, like a HOUSE.

So – trim it down. Tort is a scam in many cases anyways – they get a small payment for 50000 people – so that 10 million minus their 40% plus expenses divided by 50000 people equals not much money except for the lawyers. Read King of Torts by Grisham, who WAS a lawyer. Fiction with more than a hint of truth in there.

Another part of this is the loser pays law – if you sue and lose you pay the other person or company’s legal fees. Period.  The fees can be doubled if the judge thinks that the lawsuit was frivoulous to begin with.

Now – second – and I will throw in an example:

I get allergy shots. I get them from a clinic that is a “specialist” according to my insurance. I pay 50 bucks for 10 minutes of getting my shot, ensuring there isn’t a reaction and leaving.

What if the government actually regulated that the HMOs MUST allow patients to consider all doctors in network and allow us to shop around to lower costs, as long as the docs weren’t blacklisted? What if we allowed competition to ensure doctors must tell us EXACTLY what the cost was before we did anything and enabled us to make a few phone calls to get estimates?

Wanna bet what would happen if a hospital started losing patients to another hospital or clinic in the area due to competition?

How about legislating the insurance companies be mandated to accept c0-0ps of people coming to them in a larger group to allow for group rates? Any group put together in a logical localized area?

These simple steps would lower costs in a dramatic fashion with no real costs, no real government growth, medicare and medicaid would cost less and more people would be able to afford even private insurance outside of the companies plans.

They could be in place almost immediately and with a tiny fraction of the paperwork I saw sported by the Kennedy bill the other day.

If you like this idea, print it and fax it to your representative and 2 senators. Please, if this is the message you want sent to Congress – please send the link to friends and family. This is crucial to stall their plan out and keep the Congress and government out of the operating room or pharmacy any more than they already are!


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  4. Wow. Mind-boggling.

  5. Very well thought out. Even if you are half right, it scares everything there is to scare out of me! Where do we run to, to get away from this madness? Do we wait for Global Warming to make some cold spot inhabitable? If the world warms up like Gore says it will, maybe we can all move to Greenland in a few years and start a new, sane nation. Change the name from Greenland to Saneland.

    Who knows? Could happen…

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