Another Great New Teammate Joins the DRS Team!

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We have opened up the stockade gate once again – another brave adventurer joins us behind the walls of Fort DRS.

We welcome another partner to man the walls against this rising tide of Socialistic insanity attempting to enfiltrate and attack everything we believe in from the inside out.

Ronald Reagan did his best to take care of the external threats to our country.

Now, it behooves us to join together as much as we can and fight this threat to the strongest economic engine and people with the most successful government style in this country.

We have a new teammate to aid you in getting the information you need:

Raouldukehst is the new brave soul who has donned the bullseye t-shirt and stood up with us on this little ole adventuresome soapbox.

I invite anyone else who is interested in writing for a conservative voiced blog to climb on board – shoot us an email or send us a DM on Twitter. We’d love to have more teammates to help grow the voice here so maybe we can make a difference for all of us.

CV Ray
RightWingExtremist (my wife Sherri)
DrScoundrel (the blabbermouth himself)


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