New Author Contributing to Our Little Voice Here!

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I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome in CV Ray from out in the cold, cold, harsh, brutal, liberal world out there! 🙂

We appreciate anyone who has the nerve, courage and love of this country, family, her/himself and others around them to get up on the soapbox like AlamoCityPundit and Augustine25 already do here.

CV Ray also has her own blog site that I would think you might like to check out as well as it is a well written site that I enjoyed perusing the other day.

If there is anyone else comfortable with wearing a bullseye on their back, feels good in their voice, doesn’t mind some pot shots, does research and loves to write/sound off, come on up here on this little ol’ soapbox with the rest of us.

CV Ray
RightWingExtremist (my wife Sherri)
DrScoundrel (the blabbermouth himself)

Anyone else brave enough to raise their hands and help us fight back the darkness of socialism that is threatening to do from the inside what the USSR in all it’s might couldn’t do on the outside?

Please give all these folks a warm round of applause for helping spread the word!


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