Fired IG Calls White House Explanation Baseless – Says Hes Being Targeted

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Okay – facts so far:

1. KJ asked for money for his organization for “tutoring, building rehab and art projects” – gets 850,000.00

2. IG asked in BY AMERICORPS to investigate money irregularities

3. IG investigates – files report (I have the full .pdf of this report)

4. IG finds that the money is going for inappropriate uses including padding the payroll at KJ’s company and personal ditties to include having people wash his car and get paid out of these funds

5. IG recommends to company that is giving out the money to stop KJ from getting that money

6. Company giving money agrees – cuts KJ off – chooses not to file charges

7. KJ gets elected mayor of Sacramento

8. Problems become public when judgement issued that Sacramento can’t receive stimulus money because guy who would be in charge of it (KJ) was guilty of screwing with federal funds before- Sacramento can’t have any federal dollars

9. Uproar – probable private phone call to BO who is friends with and supported by KJ in election

10.  BO aide calls IG – asks him to step down or be fired

11. IG resigns

12. IG goes public as he should with something as UNtransparent as this

13. BO now comes out with allegations that the IG was confused and disoriented at a meeting, as well as other allegations attacking the IG’s spotless character and rep. This was in no way questioned at any point up til now by anyone – guess the man went senile overnight because BO SAYS he did.

Wonder if Sacramento will get their money now? Anyone know?

 Fired IG Calls White House Explanation ‘Baseless,’ Says He’s Being Targeted – Political News –


One Response

  1. I heard Mr. Walpin on Glenn Beck’s show. He was articulate and non-confrontational, simply delivered the facts on the matter in a lucid and orderly way. He said the reason given by Obama in the “official” letter was that he (BO) had “lost faith in him”. I suspect that could be translated as “you won’t do things my way so hit the highway”.

    Is Obama now qualified to pass judgment and throw an honorable public servant under the bus to pave the way for one of his buddies who supported him during his campaign? I’m sure there are many such payback situations going on with this administration, but few have Mr. Walpin’s courage to stand up and speak out.

    I am ashamed that voters bought into the rhetoric and the mythical “transparency” purported by Obama. It is instances like the one with Mr. Walpin that give a deeper glimpse into what makes Obama tick. It appears to be blind ambition.

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