Our Health Care Plea – Please Read and Spread This To Everyone you know!

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 You know, there are some things that I have been hearing lately that are really making me quite angry as a conservative.

Barack Obama – the opponents of this plan are lying. I am not trying to take over the medical industry with government.

First of all, Mr. President – I am not lying, I just know how you and your type run things that are meant to be good into major problems by piling on.

Example: Smoking – first you go from non smoking sections in airplanes in the 60’s  to total government control in 2009.

The fact is – you said you weren’t trying to take over the auto industry.

Why should we believe you now?

Health care is not the only thing being bandied about now either, but weight and physical fitness as well. You are referencing the amount of weight to the cost of medical expenses.

I can see where this is going – if you are overweight, you will eventually work to calorie control and fixed exercise programs to make us into your image. You think this is so far off? Go ahead and gamble folks.

Right now, the current cost estimates are 1 trillion in 10 years to insure 1/3 of the uninsured.

First of all – I thought this was going to save everyone. No? Golly. How disappointing.

My math figures to insure 47 million when 15 million is going to cost 1 trillion dollars is as follows:

47 million uninsured/15 million = 3

3 x 1 trillion = 3 trillion.

And that is assuming that they have their numbers right.

Considering they just admitted they pulled their stimulus numbers out of their rectal region, what makes anyone think they have a handle on the cost of insuring 15 or 47 million?

What makes ANYONE think that employers are going to keep paying the cost of health care?

If they offload the cost of insurance to the government, that means 119 million who DO have insurance (you almost never hear that number – you know – 3 to 1 are actually insured) will get moved to the public dole.

Now take that number up above – 3 trillion to insure 47 million

If 160 million people is roughly 4 times the number they are predicting, that means the cost will be

3 trillion x 4 or 12 trillion dollars = 1.2 trillion EXTRA dollars PER YEAR.

That is if they actually got the 1 trillion right.

Look at the costs of welfare and medicare that the Great Society was estimating and the fact that the costs were actually FAR FAR more expensive.

So – let’s be optimistic.

12 trillion dollars x 2 = 24 trillion dollars in 10 years or 2.4 trillion EXTRA PER YEAR.

No Mr. President – don’t try tort reform and legislating the HMOs to allow us to have competition. Don’t do something that you KNOW will drop the costs to the Americans without putting us under state control. Don’t do something that would reduce insurance costs and medicaid or medicare costs now. Don’t do something simple before you institute ANOTHER program that will be riddled with waste, graft, corruption and major cost overruns. Don’t do something that would require almost NO costs to the public. Don’t do anything to show you aren’t in the pockets of the tort lawyers who donate millions to political campaigns to prevent exactly that from happening. Don’t really help us – just put us under your very costly thumb even further.

Don’t look at the states that have limited suits and see their costs dropping. That might be too easy for you – you obviously know better.

No – force something down our throats that we won’t be able to get rid of once you put it in place. The activists will guilt the rest of us into keeping it there and we’ll end up just sending our entire paycheck to the government every darn week and they’ll dole out what we need.

What’s that called again? Oh yeah. SOCIALISM. Which you CLAIM you aren’t trying to get us into.

Oh and the cap and tax at one of the worst times in economic history? An extra 4300.00/year/family PLUS the increased cost of energy (some estimate 2-4 times the cost of today) hitting already hurting households.

Oh and the CAFE standards you put in place that cost the car companies at JUST the right time. Not to mention what will get passed on to us because of them… oh, like we need further costs right now Father Obama, sir.

Then on top of this, your SOCIALIST electrical control program is about to be tested in Charlottesville. This program that won’t only MONITOR all the electricity we use but CONTROL it? How lovely.

Then on top of that, you give the nod for nuclear power in Iran but not here in the States? A power system that is actually very clean, green, cost effective and safe.  A power system that is more efficient than any other. A power source that but for Jimmy Carter is 95% recyclable. (That’s right, only 5% of the nuclear material is used in a cycle, but JC himself banned recycling the other 95% even though it is done all the time in other countries regularly)

If I hear someone in your administration come out and say “No one could have known or guessed….”  I will personally get on tv and explain how some dumb, fat, non college degree guy in Virginia predicted exactly what would happen with your so called stimulus and ALSO what is going to happen with your health care.

The problem is if the sheeple don’t get the word fast and hard enough to actually educate them against your propaganda, we’ll end up with a program that will provide:

substandard care
long waits
doctors with no incentive
less research
less incentive to invent
less incentive to create new drugs
less incentive to create new treatments
less incentive to go to medical school

Oh – and let’s see if he mentions that this whole thing will be not only the level of the VA or military medical programs, but the costs will be graduated. They don’t plan on providing 100% free health care to everyone across the board. Come on, be sensible. Only an idiot would think they could pay for that. I have run the numbers for 160 million – and that is far beyond our reach. What do you think is going to happen when we double that?

Of course it will be graduated – and the free level will probably stop around the poverty level.

I have a friend who has a decent job in Italy. He doesn’t make earth shattering money, but he tells me that his health care is free in one breath, then tells me he is paying 75 euro (125.00) for a checkup. And he makes a little less than I do.

If your employer pays for your health care, there are plans out there to tax your health benefits like it is pay. In other words, if your medical insurance is valued at 15,000.00 a year and you make 50k you will be taxed at 65k on your income tax.

Eventually, what will happen is your employer won’t be able to offer this and stay competitive. A business that is capable of shedding a cost like this would be an idiot not to because there will be one competitor that won’t be scrupulous and therefore have a huge advantage competitively.

Go ahead and ignore it people. Scoff as if I am being over paranoid.

Think about EVERY system the government has gotten its hooks in. What HAVEN’T they overinflated with waste and cost?

You really think this won’t happen this time? REALLY? Why? And if he is pulling the wool over your eyes AGAIN? Just like the stimulus?

You know how we could have stimulated the country so much faster? A tax holiday for the same amount of time it would have taken to spend 5% of the stimulus – say 4-6 months where we took home our entire check.

Take home an extra several hundred to couple thousand extra per month for 6 months? Think that wouldn’t have moved the economy RAPIDLY and with no more cost that the cost of this stimulus plan.

Why are they so intent upon big government socialized solutions UNLESS they want to lock you down. Think about it:

They are controlling your cars, health, food, exercise, money, and electricity at the rate they are going. What’s next?

WHAT does it take you folks to realize that this is 1984 coming right around the corner and you need to act now?

Fax your congresspeople everyday. EVERYday. Take 5 minutes out of your day or pay the price.

I have begged people to help us spread our word by spreading our site link. PLEASE help us help you – email this article link to everyone you know!

If we don’t act in the next 4-6 weeks it will be too late.

This will not work, will cost a fortune, put us further trillions in debt, screw us out of great health care, put us further under government control and not be what they designed, so they will have to tweak it further and further.

I am here to tell you – if we pin the congresspeople on both sides down with hundreds of thousands of faxes – not emails or phone calls – too easy to hang up or delete – faxes – they will start to feel the heat.

Take the time to fax 3 faxes daily – 1 to your rep and both senators.

This will ruin us eventually.

Social Security, Welfare and Medicare/Medicaid are already going broke. Why in the hell do you think this won’t do the same but in a much larger manner.

This could very easily bankrupt this entire country making it easy for Obama or someone following him to ease the United States into the New World Order under the United Nations.

I hope you folks are willing to listen to this and take it seriously enough to panic a bit and really move now – because we aren’t going to get another chance!

You think the insurance committees are bad – wait until the lawyers in Congress start laying down the law on what you can get covered for and how long and how much.

Wanna bet they’ll be exempt?

I wonder what the UAW will think about having to give up their very special health care plans or pay taxes on them? Or any other union for that matter? Wonder if they’ll be exempt too?

Help us spread the word – please! Don’t let me be proven right only just too late!


4 Responses

  1. […] Original post by dirtyrottenscoundrels […]

  2. Lol, silly americans who think they\’re important.

  3. If the national plan looks anything like the military health care system, be prepared for long waits, and some possibly less than stellar care. I personally was misdiagnosed for 15 years, even though I had “text book” symptoms, and fought for years to get to see a specialist.

    I will admit that some military doctors are better than others, but appointments can take weeks/months to get. Especially for specialty clinics such as Optometry. Pharmacy waits are ridiculously long, and one is lucky to be able to see the same doctor twice.

    This is with a “controlled” population. I shudder to think of what the nations health care system will look like under “Obamacare”. All of the system models around us, i.e. Canada, and the UK have much smaller populations. I don’t see any way for this to work out as one would hope.

    It was interesting to learn that our Reps would be exempt from what ever system they foist off on us., since they have the gold standard. Where does that leave us ordinary Americans?

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