This ought to prove my point

Just to let everyone know, I have changed the settings on our blog temporarily tonight. I will change the settings back later, but I will continue to monitor the situation.

I have had my site attacked tonight by someone who has decided to not discuss the issues, but visit each post on our blog and put up profanity laced comments where anyone, including children, could see it.

This was not simple profanity, but extraordinarily vulgar cursing with no real clear message other than he/she/it was upset by our ideas/ideals and the dissent we offer to the current administration.

The level of maturity that this person showed about a ten year old level. As usual, lack of respect and manners spoils something good for everyone.

I apologize to my current readers if they saw any of those comments before I decided to take this step. I will challenge that person to put up comments that argue the logic or facts and I will allow their comments through.

You know, all you dems who scan through here – you should be proud that this is the level that someone on your side of the aisle brings to the game. How about that – brilliant analysis? No. Witty repartee? No. Logic? No.

Instead, what we saw was ignorant spewing of hate and deviant perversion.

Have a nice evening and we’ll see if this little mind might have some bravery and we can get back to business as usual.

UPDATE: This person continued to try to put the comments on our site and even challenged me by telling me they could put it up as fast as I could take it off – laced, of course, with more profanity.

Poor little person – I guess the big bad ideas and words scared him and they lashed out. I try to move slowly enough not to scare them, but you know it happens sometimes. ::shrug:: some people are scared of different ideas

This really ought to show people how valuable we are to the Conservative movement – several blogs are RSSing us and we have had our first real attack by someone sitting on our site trying to corrupt our articles with malarkey that doesn’t make sense and attempts to harm and offend. That must mean that you and I are starting to worry them – the news media is talking more about bloggers and conservatives. We’re getting to them. Let’s keep it moving!

Further Update –

Just to let the little brain stew even further – you may have put in a false email, but your information was sent to my email with your personal IP and provider information. Have a nice night wondering what might happen now.


yeah…with any luck you will have Puke Gimpwich and the Pig with lipstick on, ugliest whore in town Palin as the ticket to beat…but you will only be beating your **** in the gas station toilet

probably…but only after Hannity is waterboarded with a broomstick up his *** and Olbermans **** in his mouth…

You get the idea – and those were the tame samples.

Small minds, huh? 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Sorry this happened. It seems ridiculous to me that whenever someone unable to participate in any intelligent conversation or debate immediately becomes defensive and spews profanity. Do they not realize that conversations like that just make them appear childish, arrogant, and dumb? Those types of people always get a rise out of receiving attention. As long as they continue to be acknowledged in whatever way, shape, or form they will continue to act the way they are. Again, sorry that you have been harassed by this individual who apparently has nothing better to do than stalk your site.

  2. Sadly, there are latchkey children who have unfettered Internet access while their parents earn money to pay their mortgages.

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