Reverend Wright – Anti Zionist

I have a question for any liberal minded person that happens by my site. I know it’s a long shot at this point, but I really must ask this in the hopes that someone can provide a logical reason for this.

Why is it Neo-Nazi rhetoric (that is main stream Repub according to Keith Olbermann) when an 80 year old white man calls people Zionists or refers to Jews in defamatory terms, but it isn’t when Reverend Wright says it?

Because he is not white? Because he is a preacher?

Personally, I feel that anyone who hates at that level is evil incarnate. There are people who feel that way because one party disagrees with the other, as well as race, religion, and even sex in some cases.

It is ridiculous.

I feel sorry for the person that is that ill in their minds. I feel they should be removed permanently from society.

People who kill for abortion or Islamic hatred of Americans runs in the same vein as the whackjob who attacked and killed the guard at the Jewish Holocaust Museum.

Reverend Wright tries to make believe that Zionist is less offensive than Jew. I say that he should be held to the same standard as any other person in this country who spews hate speech.

I don’t care who attended his church.

He isn’t above the law, nor is he above the equal justice that has been demanded (correctly, mind you) by the civil rights movement in this country.

What makes a person of color more than equal, or above the law that everyone else is held to? That is wrong, enabling behavior that helps perpetrate racial tension. Blacks behaving angrily like this and spouting nonsense that Jews or Zionists are puppet masters and controlling the government and all the powerful people is equal to the hatred spewed by Hitler in the uprising of the Third Reich.

In fact, what is so interesting is Reverend Wright’s pounding and screaming at a podium, shouting hate filled invective at the current government and finding a scapegoat race to blame everything on is EXACTLY what Hitler did to espouse passion and hatred that led to a horrible war that killed millions.

I personally ask the Justice Department to begin looking into Reverend Wright as a hate speech criminal who is attempting to foment unrest and revolution as well as sounding, in our opinion, like he would embrace a race war.

I don’t agree with it from the KKK. They are ignorant and hateful. I would face one down and stand between them and a victim in a heartbeat. I believe in honest right and wrong.

In this case though Wright is wrong. Horribly wrong. And we believe he should pay the price that justice would bear down on any other person who spoke in such a venomous way.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed as long as no harm comes to anyone as a result of the speech. Anti Semitism and race hate speech (such as against the white people) is still hate speech directed at bringing one group lower than the group the speaker is part of – thus harming them. If this was perpetrated by someone in the KKK in such a way to rabble rouse to harm people, the full weight of the FBI would rightly crash in on their world. Why not Reverend Wright? If people would defend his right to free speech, I say, ok fine, but put people in his congregation to watch him like they watch other hate groups and if he steps over the line, slam the lid shut.

Reverend Wright says he is a man of God.

I find it hard to believe that God himself wouldn’t turn his back on this child gone wrong.


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  1. It’s ok for Wright and his ilk to say what they say because they’re on the “right” side of the issue.

    It’s only offensive when you point out the hypocracy of the “protected classes” which is just about everyone these days except you know who which I find odd because if that is the case then that nameless unprotected class would if fact become the only one in need of protection.

    These lunatics and race-baiters can say whatever they want because it’s turn about as fair play time. Anytime you criticize their stance on issues all of a sudden they’re drudging up ancient transgressions as justification for their hate.

    They don’t ever want to move forward because the day they do the money train is over. Creating “boogey-men” at every turn is how they get paid.

    You can’t ever intelligently debate the garbage they spew because they have the “right” to spew it because of what your “so-called” ancestors did to them.

    It’s a losing battle. They own the “high” road. It’s the progressive world we live in.

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