Would you like to have us on the radio?

Because I didn’t say this very well to begin with :

This is about an internet show, probably 1/2 hour to hour, once a week unless we get a response to indicate we should do more.

We are exploring the option of taking on an internet radio show.

I don’t know if this will be worth it, or if it could go over great. I know I can be eloquent on the computer, but that is because of my great friend the backspace key.

I know I can let the words flow from me, and there are a few in this bunch that I have written that I didn’t have to edit almost at all before posting.

Sometimes, the muse hits.

But, I am not sure about this whole radio thing. I used to be a soloist before my voice changed when I was a kid, but I don’t want to get on there and choke up ::grin::

I’ll keep you guys posted on this. I feel like I should because it is another way for all of us to spread our voices farther. If we can get it popular enough, maybe we can even get people on there to chat with that would be important to talk to.

I know one thing-  I’ll definitely have my wife on there too – she’s really the brains of the outfit 🙂

Let me know what you folks think please!



5 Responses

  1. There’s never too much information, when our government is professing transparency & performing in an opposite manner. Good luck, send me the link when you set up.

  2. Go for it.

    I probably won’t tune it, but that’s only b/c I really don’t know how the whole blog radio thing works…


  3. Hey! If you got it, flaunt it. 😉 Send me the link. I’ll ck it out.

  4. You might just want to start with a podcast. It would be hard to fill up a station with content 24/7.
    A podcast would give you a venue to deliver audio to folks, would give you a flexible length, would allow folks to listen whenever they wanted (on their MP3 Players), and would allow you to gage the demand without breaking the bank.

    Just my .02 worth…

    • MedBob –

      No no no – I appreciate the comment – truly.

      This is going to start out as a show like once a week – probably 1/2 hr to 1 hr long depending on content and response

      This is done on blogtalkradio.com – I don’t have to spend anything to do a show and they archive it for you. And – it’s free 🙂

      Can’t argue with that huh?

      I’ll get details and post them in a while!

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