Democrats took their keys and went home like a pouting little child!

I really have to ask myself if this is reality, or am I living in a movie where script writers just want to see my reaction.

What is irking me now? Easy – up until now, the NY Democrats who are now in a minority had actually locked the chamber of the NY Senate. They wouldn’t surrender the key.

The person responsible for upholding the law in the state of NY, the less than esteemed governor Patterson, is backing the minority locking the majority out of the Senate.

Ok – here is a scenario I want you to imagine:

2010 comes along, and the tidal wave that we are calling for happens and we get a slight majority in both houses. Right? Now, say a couple of RINOs come along and decide they are really Dems in Sheeples clothing. But, the Repubs lock the doors and don’t surrender the keys.

Explain to me how that would be any different – and what do you want to bet that the reaction would be insane on the left?

Insurgent Coalition: We Have Keys to New York Senate Chamber – Political News –


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